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  1. Why do I have a TSI HOLD?
  2. A hold is placed because the student is required to be in the TSI class and has changed his/her schedule more than once, they haven’t tested, or they need to be advised.

  3. Can I take two TSI classes at once?
  4. No. You may only take one TSI class at a time. Depending on what you are compliant with will determine which classes you are required to take. Math is always the last class taken after you are compliant in Reading and Writing.

  5. Do I have to take a TSI class this semester or can I wait?
  6. Texas law mandates that you HAVE to be enrolled into a TSI class in order to be enrolled in the University. If the student fails to put the class on their schedule, it will be put there for them.

  7. What happens if I do not pass my TSI CLASS?
  8. Failure to pass the TSI class will result in retaking the same class the following semester until a grade of “C” or better is reached, or  the student my choose to test out of the class completely at the testing center .

  9. How do I get out of taking a TSI CLASS?
  10. The only way to get out of taking a TSI class is to be compliant in Reading, Writing, & Math by testing out on the Accuplacer or completing the required coursework.

  11. How many times can I take the Accuplacer?
  12. There is no limit on how many times you may take the Accuplacer, although every time you take the test there is a charge of $50, and it may not be added to your tuition.

  13. What happens if I pass the Accuplacer in the middle of the semester?
  14. If you pass the Accuplacer after the drop date, you will be done with TSI and receive the grade that you currently have in your class at the time of completion.


  15. Since I passed the Math placement exam do I still have to take a TSI class for math?
  16. The Accuplacer and the Math Placement are not the same thing. TSI is a developmental math course that is required by the State of Texas based on Accuplacer, ASSET, Compass, ACT, SAT, and TAKS scores. The Math placement cannot exempt you from a TSI requirement.

  17. What happens if I do not take the TSI class?
  18. If you do not take the TSI class, it will be put on your schedule for you. If you fail to attend or drop it from your schedule you will be withdrawn from the University.

  19. Why do I have to take TSI?
  20. Student’s scores from high school or prior education were not high enough to be compliant in reading, writing, and mathematics.

  21. What’s the difference in the TSI in West Hall and the TSI in Holden Hall?
  22. TSI in West Hall is the Compliance office. All scores are sent to their office to determine if they are compliant or not. If a student is not compliant they are then sent to the TSI office in Holden Hall, where they are advised and put into one of our TSI classes based on their test scores.