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Attendance Policy


There are no excused absences. The instructor will track your attendance and progress daily. Your presence in class is tracked using an attendance sheet provided at the beginning of each class session for you to sign. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SIGN IT. You will be counted absent if you fail to do so, even on exam dates. Absences are reported to the TSI office.

An absence is defined as the following:

  1. Failing to attend a scheduled class
  2. Missing 30 or more minutes of a scheduled class
  3. Leaving class early without notifying the instructor and obtaining approval from the instructor

You are allowed 5 absences during the full semester.
(Math 0301; Math 0302; Engl 0302, TSI 0101; TSI 0201; TSI 0301; TSI 0102; TSI 0202;TSI 0302; TSI 0103; TSI 0203; TSI 0303)


A tardy is defined as arriving between 10 and 29 minutes late to class. For example if class begins at 10:00am and you arrive at 10:11am, you will be counted tardy. After receiving three tardies, you will accumulate an absence.


TSI Developmental program attendance is MANDATORY. Non-compliance with the rules of attendance will result in a student being WITHDRAWN FROM TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY. Withdrawals are subject to University policies as set forth in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students may appeal withdrawals when unusual extenuating circumstances exist by picking up an Appeal of Withdrawal form in Holden Hall Room 72 within five (5) days of the last obtained absence. The written appeal, along with appropriate original documentation, must accompany the Appeal of Withdrawal form and returned to Holden Hall 72 before the five (5) days have expired.


Based on the TSI Test scores reported to Texas Tech University, I am required by state law to enroll in a continual program of skills development.

I must enter into a developmental education program every semester until I have attained the minimum standard in all three areas.

I must seek TSI advising before each registration and before making changes to my enrollment that will affect my TSI requirements.

Should I fail to attend my developmental program (course-based or non-course based) as per the TTU TSI Attendance Policy as found above and in the Student Handbook for TSI Developmental Education, I understand that I will be WITHDRAWN FROM TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY as per the Texas Tech University Developmental Education Plan.

I understand that should I wish to enroll in any Extended Studies course for college-level credit at Texas public institutions of higher education I must meet all TSI requirements for the course.