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Texas Success Initiative Assessment

As a requirement for entering a Texas public institution of higher education, students must take the THEA test or Accuplacer and provide scores prior to the first day of class for the term in which they enter. This means that Texas Tech University must have THEA test scores or Accuplacer scores on file before students are permitted to sit in a college level class. Texas Tech University operates under the Institutional Developmental Education Plan.

The THEA test and Accuplacer measure college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics and indicate if a student needs academic skills development prior to enrolling in college-level courses.

The minimum passing TSI Test scores for THEA are: Reading-230, Mathematics-230, Writing-220, and Essay-5; and Accuplacer: Reading-78, Mathematics-63, Writing-80, and Essay-6.

Students who test but do not meet the above passing scores in all sections of the THEA or Accuplacer tests are required by state law to obtain TSI advising and continuously enroll in a formal program of skills development until all requirements are satisfied. "Continuously" means that until Texas Tech University certifies that a student has successfully completed developmental education, he/she must participate and be enrolled in a developmental program as prescribed by Texas Tech University for each term enrolled for college level credit. Texas students who enroll in correspondence courses for college-level credit at Texas public institutions of higher education must also meet TSI requirements.

Students with documented learning disabilities are allowed all necessary accommodations provided through AccessTECH. Students must be registered at AccessTECH to receive the accommodations. Students are expected to successfully complete their developmental courses.