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TSI Development Education Program at Texas Tech University

The TSI Skills Development Program seeks to improve student readiness for successful completion of college-level work. During remediation, students must successfully complete prescribed developmental coursework before being declared "TSI complete" in any sequence.

All students under the TSI program are required to follow the mandatory attendance rules (refer to attendance policy) for each developmental course. Failure to meet the attendance requirements will result in the students receiving courtesy *e-mail warning notifications that will follow with full withdrawal from the university. Developmental work that is TSI required is mandatory and students cannot drop any developmental courses from their schedule. TSI students should address questions concerning their basic skills classes to the TSI Skills Development Office, Holden Hall Room 78.

TSI instructors are required to report grades that are assigned in developmental coursework. Grades will appear on grade reports and official Texas Tech University transcripts, unless the student is taking courses from South Plains College (SPC). For TSI evaluation purposes, grades of "A" or "B" or "C" demonstrate successful completion of a development education course. The following are facts to remember:

*To maintain correct and updated records the TSI office necessitates that all students provide an accurate current e-mail address, local address, and permanent address to the TSI Office by completing a Change of Address form in Holden Hall, Room 78. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the TSI Office of any corrections or changes to current e-mail, local address and permanent address that may occur at any time. The TSI Office accepts no responsibility for mailings sent to incorrect physical or email addresses, difficulties caused by the postal service, or other delivery services. Student signature on the contract indicates students are aware of the attendance policy and consequences for non-attendance.