Project 0-4362

A Testing and Evaluation Protocol to Assess Seal Coat Binder-Aggregate Compatibility

aggregate loss

Highway agencies such as TxDOT have comprehensive quality and contract management systems that control the quality of materials used in the highways under its purview. For a process such as seal coats, it is important for agencies to move from the concept of separately controlling the quality of individual constitutive materials to an approach based on the ‘systems’ concept. For seal coats, this calls for an effective testing protocol able to measure the performance of an aggregate-binder system in the laboratory, and use the data to predict how the material combination will perform in the field. This requires a performance-based test protocol that gives due consideration to the ‘practical’ aspects of seal coat construction and performance. The purpose of this research project was to develop a new testing and evaluation protocol to assess aggregate-binder compatibility for seal coats and surface treatments.

Sanjaya Senadheera

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Sanjaya P. Senadheera, Ph.D.
Department of Civil Engineering
Texas Tech University
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