Project 0-4376

Investigate the Availability of Technology To Identify Buried Non-Metallic Pipelines

underground pipelines This project was geared toward identifying state-of-the-art technologies which can be used to precisely locate and identify underground non-metallic pipelines.It was found that technologies are available which can be used to locate and identify non-metallic pipelines. However, the following technology constraints must be taken into consideration during the selection process: (1) any one technology cannot locate all types of utilities, (2) soil type is a major factor affecting location and identification of utilities, (3) interference from nearby objects is noticeable in some cases, e.g., power lines and transformers, (4) effective depth for utility location and identification is a limiting factor, (5) resolution of images for smaller diameter utilities at greater depths is a problem, and (6) initial cost is far greater than what the market is willing to pay for the services.

Bobby Green

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