Project 0-4681

Further Development of Binder Quality Assurance Program

Population distribution Every customer wants to be assured the product they are buying will meet their needs; TxDOT wants the same assurance for the hundreds of millions of dollars it spends for asphalt binder used in road construction and resurfacing. The purpose of this project was to develop a comprehensive quality management strategy for asphalt binder. TechMRT undertook a constructability review of binder quality for TxDOT operations. All TxDOT districts were contacted to solicit their viewpoints on the existing binder quality management program. Issues such as binder usage, quality problems and possible solutions were also discussed. In addition, eight major binder suppliers, along with several contractors, were interviewed. TechMRT also performed a comprehensive statistical analysis of binder test data. From this research, a product titled A Framework for TxDOT Binder Quality Management was developed.
Sanjaya Senadheera

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Sanjaya P. Senadheera, Ph.D.
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