Project 0-5893

Laboratory Evaluation of Constructability Issues with Surface Treatment Binder

ASTM D7000 Sweep Test Apparatus


TxDOT depends greatly on sprayed seals (surface treatment) for new road construction and on preventive maintenance (seal coat.) It is very important for TxDOT to have emulsified asphalt (EA) as a key binder type at its disposal to reduce costs in this erra of high energy prices and emphasis on sustainable design practices. However, EA brings its own set of challenges. Compared to other binder types, EAs are more complex in composition, have a much shorter shelf life, and their behavior under different construciton scenarios is difficult to predict. TxDOT field personnel can effectively use EAs if tools are available to test binder quality as received at the site and to predict their behavior. It is useful for the designers to rank the most effective binder-aggregate combinations and to predict the rate at which EA will achieve stiffness and bond strength with aggregate to be able to open the road for traffic. This research project was launched by TxDOT to address these issues and find solutions that are of benefit to field personnel.

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