Project 0-6582

Synthesis of Successful Bicycle Planning in Mid-Size Cities

bicycle Many cities were developed with very little thought to the use of bicycling either as a means of transportation or recreation. Much progress has been made and cities have begun developing parks or recreation areas with trails or routes that separate the motorized vehicles from the bicyclists. Routes have been designated for bicycling through various means within the city. Even with all this progress, bicyclists still have to share these facilities with the motorized vehicles and will continue to do so in the future.

The primary focus of the Synthesis of Successful Bicycle Planning in Mid-Size Cities project is on cities of 100,000 to 300,000 in population, where city resources are limited. Researchers studied what other cities have done with respect to accommodating bicycles, what success stories exist where cities have provided a system that is well-designed and marked, and is supported by both bicyclists and motorists. The project also studied what cities have done to ensure bicycles are aware of the system and how to access the best routes. Surveys were sent to  1134 contacts including government officials and bicycling organizations nationwide, and the survey received a 30% response rate.
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