Project 0-6735

Best Practices for TxDOT on Handling Wildfires


Texas has seen a record number of wildfires in recent years. Although TxDOT has no responsibiilty to provide direct firefighting support, agency personnel are often called upon to assist in wildland fire situations. TxDOT plays a critical role in the Texas State Emergency Management Plan by providing equipment and operators for bulldozers, maintainers, fuel trailers, water trailers, and other vehicles. The object of this project was to develop a protocol to help TxDOT safely and effectively respond to wildland fire situations.

TechMRT researchers interviewed personnel from 12 TxDOT districts, the TxDOT Maintenance Division, Texas A&M Forest Service, and the Department of Public Safety to compile lessons learned from the record-setting wildland fires of 2011. These lessons learned were translated into recommendations for TxDOT, and a resulting implementation project, 5-6735, was issued to deliver the recommendations in a workshop format to TxDOT personnel. Eight workshops will be delivered in the four TxDOT regions.





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