Project 5-4035

Construction and Evaluation of Post-Tensioned Pre-Stressed Concrete Pavement

Bent transverse bar

Cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete pavement (PCP) is unique in that pre-stress is applied to the concrete slab so that cracking can be prevented and slab thickness reduced. The design philosophy and construction procedures of PCP are quite different from those of normal concrete pavement types. There are a few PCP pavements built around the world, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) built one-mile long 6-in PCP section on IH-35 in Waco District in 1985. The performance of the section has been excellent. Encouraged by the performance of the section, TxDOT decided to build another PTCP project on IH-35 in Hillsboro. The construction of 9-in thick PCP with mostly 300-ft long slabs on IH-35 in Hillsboro started in May 2008. At this point, there are no standardized design procedures or construction specifications for PCP. The purpose of this implementation project was to develop design standards, evaluate early-age behavior of PCP pavement, and evaluate construction procedures in order to identify issues raised during the pre-construction and construction phases, with an ultimate goal of developing improved design and construction procedures.

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