Project 9-1509

Road To Recycling

laying asphalt

The use of recycled materials in highway construction can help reduce waste stockpiles and the filling of landfills, as well as provide quality, economical substitutes for scarce or higher-priced virgin materials. Prior to the Road To Recycling research project The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), and the FHWA invested more than $750,000 in a series of research studies including literature surveys and laboratory testing of an array of nonhazardous recycled materials (NRMs). Several universities completed the studies, and draft specifications were developed for the NRMs. The purpose of the Road to Recycling project was to employ the draft specifications developed in the previous studies and demonstrate the application of several NRMs in roadway construction test projects. Each test project was monitored in performance evaluation. NRMs offer sound solutions to current supply needs in regions of scarce construction materials, and many TxDOT engineers routinely use NRMs in construction projects. Furthermore, NRM usage will likely increase in the future as natural resources for construction materials are depleted.

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