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Hyperloop Competition

Ever heard of Hyperloops? What are they? Imagine stepping into a tube and then whoosh you're there, a new idea in rapid transit for the individual. The Texas Tech Hyperloop team recently competed with many other teams in Texas in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend sponsored by SpaceX, the space transport services campaign funded by Tesla's Elon Musk. During this competition, each team designed their own pod for this type of transportation.

"The Hyperloop team did a very good job and accomplished quite a bit on the pod design in a relatively short period of time." Said Tim Dallas, the team's faculty advisor."The team received significant TTU support from the Office of the President, the Graduate School, and the Whitacre College of Engineering for the booth, computer animations, graphics, and travel. 

I received many positive comments from SpaceX employees who were judges for the technical presentations and the booths. As a judge, I got to see many presentations from other universities from around the world which just reinforced how much good design work the Tech students had accomplished. The students had the opportunity to talk to other teams, administrators from Texas A&M, and the general public about their concepts. They also presented their design ideas to Dr. Steve Davis, director of advanced projects for SpaceX and Anthony Foxx, the United States Secretary of Transportation during the course of the event. Although the team was not selected to go forward, the team learned a lot and made a strong showing for Texas Tech. Teams that go forward have to raise $10's of thousands of dollars to build reduced-scale pods that will be tested on a yet to be built track in California."

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