Texas Tech University

Project 0-4571

Utilizing Compost as an Alternative Method to Standard Seedlings


The research underlying this report consisted of an investigation designed to determine if the establishment of vegetation on Highway ROW could be improved by the application of compost as mulch compared to various traditional methods of protection. Conclusions drawn from examination of the evidence indicate that a layer of compost mulch greater than 2 inches adversely affected emergence and establishment of desired vegetation, whereas soil moisture retention was comparable on sub-plots treated with by straw mulch held in place by jute netting. Compost manufactured topsoil, or a 4-inch layer of compost mulch.

Project PI: Clifford B. Fedler, Ph.D., P.E.

Project Co-PI's:

Cary Green
John Borrelli

Project Summary Report

Full Research Report

field testing site after treatment