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Past Events

Production Month/Year Venue
Curtains April 22, 2010 Lab Theatre
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular April 8, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular March 29, 2010 Lab Theatre
Rabbit Hole March 4, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Sex, Money, and the Corporate Ladder February 8, 2010 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion January 28, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Underpants December 3, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Dancetech: Fall Studio Dance Concert November 19, 2009 Lab Theatre
Arya November 2, 2009 Lab Theatre
Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) October 15-18, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Death of a Salesman 4/23/2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular 4/9/2009 Lab Theatre
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular 3/30/2009 Lab Theatre
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) 3/5/2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay! 2/9/2009 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion 1/22/2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Time of Your Life 11/20/2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
frozen 10/27/2008 Lab Theatre
The Full Monty 10/16/2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Comedy of Errors 4/24/2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 3/31/2008 Lab Theatre
A Streetcar Named Desire 3/6/2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
I'm Batman! 2/11/2008 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion 1/24/2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Jitters 11/29/2007 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Solution 10/29/2007 Lab Theatre
A Chorus Line 10/18/2007 Allen Theatre
To Kill A Mockingbird 4/20/2007 Maedgen Theatre (McDonald Moody Auditorium, LCU)
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 3/26/2007 Lab Theatre (Escondido Theatre)
The Pillowman 2/23/2007 Maedgen Theatre (Firehouse Theatre)
Stop Kiss 2/5/2007 Lab Theatre (Boston Ave Playhouse)
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion 1/26/2007 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Servant of Two Masters 11/17/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Boy Gets Girl 11/6/2006 Lab Theatre
Company 10/13/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Romance of Erin 10/2/2006 Lab Theatre
Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika 4/30/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/2/2006 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Dance Tech: Artistry in Motion 3/5/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
BecauseHeCan 2/26/2006 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Six Characters in Search of an Author 2/19/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Last Night of Ballyhoo 12/4/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Keepingabreast 11/13/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Crazy For You 10/23/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Social Darwinism 10/9/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Unexpected Guest 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Melville Boys 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Macbeth 5/1/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/17/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 4/3/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
My Sister in this House 2/20/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The House of Yes 3/6/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Blithe Spirit 12/5/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Millies War 11/14/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Little Shop of Horrors 10/24/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Proof 10/10/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Apple Tree 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
They Came From Mars… 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Real Inspector Hound 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 5/1/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Tartuffe 4/25/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/4/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Love of the Nightingale 3/7/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
One Flea Spare 2/22/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Fall Dance Concert 12/6/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Diary of Anne Frank 11/30/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Soap Slips 11/9/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Anything Goes 10/26/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Little Girls Don’t Do That 10/12/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Schoolhouse Rock Live! 6/29/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Isn’t It Romantic 6/27/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Woman In Black 6/26/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Coppelia 5/4/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Grapes of Wrath 4/20/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/6/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Amen Corner 3/2/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Angels in America, Part I: Millennium Approaches 2/23/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Khoreographer’s Kick 12/4/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Foreigner 12/1/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Jake’s Women 11/10/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Damn Yankees 10/20/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Laramie Project 10/6/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Baby 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Bus Stop 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Godspell 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 4/27/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Tempest 4/21/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/7/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Doll’s House 3/3/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The 1940’s Radio Hour 2/17/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fall Dance Concert 12/1/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 11/25/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Baby Dance 11/4/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
110 in the Shade 10/21/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Pterodactyls 10/7/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Talley’s Folly 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Lily, The Felon’s Daughter 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Giselle 4/29/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Day Room 4/15/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/1/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
After the Fall 2/25/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Woyzeck 2/11/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
You Can’t Take it With You 11/26/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Ellie and the Bear Man 11/12/2000 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Art 10/13/2000 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 10/12/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Victims of Duty 10/6/2000 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Riders of the Golden Sphinx 7/2/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
What I Did Last Summer 6/30/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Butler Did It 6/27/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
House of Blue Leaves 4/29/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Well-Made Play 4/6/2000 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Writin' on Rocks 4/6/2000 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2/20/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Last Indian 11/9/1999 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Another Moon Called Earth 7/7/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
A Separate Peace 7/7/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Black Comedy 7/6/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Angel Street 7/5/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Das Barbecu 7/4/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Cherry Orchard 4/29/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fouled 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Mrs. Rex 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Inferno 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
This is Not a Play 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Ballet Futura:  Before, Now, Always 4/8/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Extraordinary Ordinary Women 3/22/1999 Allen Theatre
1000 Miles from Nowhere 3/2/1999 Allen Theatre
A Night of Mamet 3/1/1999 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Life is a Dream 2/25/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Threepenny Opera 11/19/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fool for Love 11/17/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Baltimore Waltz 10/15/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Every Kinda' Man 10/5/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 10/5/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 6/30/1998 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Actor's Nightmare 4/30/1998 Graduate One-Acts
Twelfth Night 4/20/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Vidiot 4/10/1998 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Vinegar Tom 3/2/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Horizons:  On the Wings of the Arts 2/9/1998 Lubbock Municipal Auditorium
Guys and Dolls 10/14/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Agnes of God 9/29/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Imaginary Invalid 4/26/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Division Street 4/16/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Santos and Santos 3/5/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Waiting for Godot 2/23/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Christmas Carol (Christopher Markle adaptation) 12/16/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
George!  A Tribute to George Sorensen 10/12/1996 Allen Theatre
Cabaret 10/5/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Red Noses 9/29/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Company of My Fellows 7/3/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
What the Butler Saw 4/20/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Night Sky 3/13/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Kentucky Cycle 2/18/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Equus 4/25/1995 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Annie Warbucks 2/15/1995 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Reverend Jimmy Lee Curtis's Hour of Awesome Power 7/21/1994 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Amadeus 10/7/1993 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Godspell 2/13/1993 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Wonderful Life 12/13/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Our Country's Good 11/15/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Barnum! 10/13/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The King Stag 4/28/1992 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 2/15/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Lend Me a Tenor 11/10/1991 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Corner Pocket 11/1/1991 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
El Norte 11/1/1991 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Cloud 9 2/15/1991 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Amahl and the Night Visitors 12/13/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Boys Next Door 11/12/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Grease 10/6/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Loose Ends 7/1/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Charlotte's Web 6/30/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Working 6/25/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
On the Road to East L.A. 4/27/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Taming of the Shrew 4/23/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Adam, Eve and Cain 4/21/1990 Graduate One-Acts
The Users 4/14/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Bathroom 4/10/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
What Do You Hear, Dear Jane? 4/10/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Rose 4/2/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Dark Shades of Green 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Marxism:  The Gospel According to Groucho 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Outlaw 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Elephant Man 2/14/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Lady from the Sea 11/17/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Cottswald Boy 11/15/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
O.M.O 10/17/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Sally, George and Martha 10/14/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 10/13/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Beirut 7/16/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Most Happy Fella 7/13/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Annie Get Your Gun 7/6/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Laughing Wild 7/2/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 6/30/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
A Separate Peace 5/4/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Separate Peace 4/30/1989 Graduate One-Acts
Jesse:  The Musical Saga of Jesse Woodson James 4/30/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Nerd 4/25/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Rhinoceros 3/30/1989 Undergraduate One-Acts
The House of Bernarda Alba 2/17/1989 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Chiarascuro 2/10/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Here's Love 12/5/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Gospel According to N 11/15/1988 Graduate One-Acts
The Wall Inside 10/10/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Double Trouble 10/2/1988 Mass Communications Television
Brigadoon 7/9/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Picnic 7/2/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
10 Little Indians 6/30/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Sganarelle 5/5/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers 5/1/1988 Graduate One-Acts
Noises Off 4/25/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Terrorist Telethon 4/14/1988 Mass Communications Television
Mandragola 4/7/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Arkansas Bear 4/2/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Mayor of Zalamea 3/9/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Cat in the Castle 2/25/1988 Touring Production
The Time of Your Life 2/15/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Marriage of Figaro 2/10/1988 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
A Company of Wayward Saints 2/1/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Scrooge 12/8/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Topography of a Nude 11/20/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Cat in the Castle 11/11/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Without Need 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Live On 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Friendship 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
On the Verge 10/10/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Sound of Music 10/8/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Choices 10/3/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Cheatin' 7/16/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 7/8/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Rodgers and Hart:  A Musical Celebration 7/4/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Wants 5/6/1987 Graduate One-Acts
Trifles 4/30/1987 Graduate One-Acts
The Foreigner 4/25/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Christmas Carol (Francis Fuselier adaptation) 12/10/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 11/18/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Quilters 10/13/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Revue Sketches 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Rats 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Adaptation 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Crimes of the Heart 4/23/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Faulkner's Bicycle 4/16/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Candide 4/11/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Red Horse Animation 3/17/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Trojan Women 2/15/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Mass Appeal 2/10/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
A Christmas Carol:  Scrooge and Marley 12/10/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Quiet Puncher 11/10/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Annie 10/15/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Tea and Sympathy 10/11/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Dining Room 7/25/1985 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Gypsy 7/6/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Mikado 6/30/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Merrily We Roll Along 6/23/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Only 10 Minutes to Buffalo 5/5/1985 Graduate One-Acts
Mr. Curator's Proposal 5/1/1985 Graduate One-Acts
The Tooth of Crime 4/20/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
A Midsummer Night's Dream 4/6/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Agnes of God 3/2/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia 2/23/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Annie 2/15/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Bent 11/10/1984 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Young Wave 10/19/1984 Lab Theatre (Mass Comm)
The Runner Stumbles 10/6/1984 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Album 9/15/1984 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
How I Got That Story 7/16/1984 Graduate One-Acts
Pippin 6/29/1984 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
West Side Story 6/20/1984 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Women 4/14/1984 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Lakeboat 4/14/1984 Graduate One-Acts
Death of a Salesman 2/15/1984 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Christmas Carol (Francis Fuselier adaptation) 12/10/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
California Suite:  Visitor from Philadelphia 12/10/1983 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Man of La Mancha 10/13/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Saintly Hypocrites and Honest Sinners 10/6/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
They're Playing Our Song 10/5/1983 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Mackie Yewstone 5/2/1983 Lab Theatre (Mass Comm)
The Wizard of Oz 4/23/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Belle of Anherst 4/5/1983 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Dracula:  The Ballet 3/10/1983 KTXT-TV
The Servant of Two Masters 3/7/1983 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Buried Child 2/23/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Footsteps of Doves 12/4/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Indian Wants the Bronx 12/4/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
Portrait of a Madonna 12/2/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Last Ritual of Levi Smith 11/15/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Alone Again 11/15/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Vivat! Vivat, Regina 11/10/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Our Town 10/15/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
See How I Run 10/13/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Side by Side by Sondheim 10/10/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Cabaret 7/13/1982 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Uncommon Women and Others 5/4/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hamlet 4/23/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Bad Play for an Old Lady 4/13/1982 Graduate One-Acts
Ghosts 3/2/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Philadelphia Story 2/25/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Shock of Recognition 12/5/1981 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Twin Menaechmi 11/13/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Dracula:  The Ballet 10/16/1981 Touring Production
The Robber Bridegroom 10/4/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Robber Bridegroom 7/10/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Oklahoma! 7/4/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
110 in the Shade 6/27/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Twin Menaechmi 4/23/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Philemon 4/20/1981 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Eugene Ionesco's 4/14/1981 Graduate One-Acts
Iphigenia at Aulis 4/13/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Bent 4/10/1981 Graduate One-Acts
Endgame 4/10/1981 Graduate One-Acts
A Streetcar Named Desire 2/28/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
American Buffalo 2/20/1981 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Next 12/12/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Voices:  A Sam Shepard Collage 12/8/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Adaptation 12/6/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Wings 11/21/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Sly Fox 10/13/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Come Back, Little Sheba 10/8/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Guys and Dolls 7/7/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Hay Fever 7/6/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Fantastiks 7/5/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
1776 7/4/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Sea Gull 4/29/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
House of Blue Leaves 4/28/1980 Graduate One-Acts
That Championship Season 4/25/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Cock-A-Doodle Dandy 4/21/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Godspell 3/18/1980 Hilton Four Points Hotel
Dracula:  The Ballet 3/12/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder? 3/1/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Visit 2/29/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Helena's Husband 12/7/1979 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Apollo of Bellac 12/4/1979 Undergraduate One-Acts
Of Mice and Men 12/4/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Long Day's Journey into Night 11/23/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
An Odyssey of Dance, Music and Light 10/19/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Harvey 10/12/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Twelfth Night 10/10/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Curse of the Starving Class 4/18/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Pancho! 4/11/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Mrs. Warren's Profession 2/17/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Waiting for Godot 2/11/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Equestrian Assasination of Billy the Kid 12/10/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Who's Happy Now? 12/5/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Killing of Sister George 10/18/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Romeo and Juliet 10/13/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Panhandle 4/14/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Kaspar 2/10/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 4/25/1977 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Kennedy's Children 4/13/1977 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Oedipus the King 3/1/1977 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Two for the Seesaw 2/13/1977 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Texas Steer 7/7/1976 Mainstage (Thompson Jr. High)
One Foot in Heaven 7/5/1976 The Ranching Heritage Center
The Awakening of John Slater 7/4/1976 The Ranching Heritage Center
Journey's End 3/13/1976 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Taste of Honey 10/30/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hot l Baltimore 7/4/1975 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Glass Menagerie 4/20/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hit and Run '75 2/27/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Godspell 2/9/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Faustus! 12/14/1974 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Play It Again, Sam 12/9/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 10/7/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  The Attempt 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  The Umbrella 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  It's All in Your Head 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Oklahoma! 2/28/1974 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Momma's Hung You in the Closet 2/15/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Clem Maverick 11/10/1973 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Mary Stuart 4/6/1973 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Lower Depths 3/2/1973 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Rashomon 2/10/1973 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater 11/15/1972 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Country Wife 11/14/1972 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
ERAHS EW 10/15/1972 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Everything in the Garden 10/13/1972 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Four-Poster 4/13/1971 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Lysistrata 11/12/1970 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Don Juan in Hell 11/15/1967 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hamlet 4/20/1966 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Fantastiks 11/2/1965 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Romeo and Juliet 4/23/1964 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Dance to Please 10/13/1953 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Little Town of Bethlehem 12/15/1930  
Hero Worship 12/4/1929 Sock and Buskin
Once There Was a Princess 11/20/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Trap 11/6/1929 Sock and Buskin
How He Lied to Her Husband 4/10/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Falcon 3/27/1929 Texas Tech One-Act Play Competition
The Eligible Mr. Bangs 3/13/1929 Sock and Buskin
Riders to the Sea 2/13/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Doctor of Lonesome Folk 12/16/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
Condemned 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
Place 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Eleventh Hour 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Rehearsal 11/18/1928 Sock and Buskin
His Inheritance 11/4/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Good Ship Barnacle 10/20/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
The Youngest 5/1/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
Overtones 3/6/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Man Who Died at Midnight 11/16/1927 Sock and Buskin
The Brink of Silence 11/2/1927 Sock and Buskin
Poor Old Jim 10/12/1927 Sock and Buskin
Reform 6/3/1926 Sock and Buskin
Just Women 4/29/1926 Sock and Buskin
The Charm School 4/22/1926 Sock and Buskin
The Heart of a Clown 3/25/1926 Sock and Buskin
Words of a Stranger 3/18/1926 Sock and Buskin
Who's the Boss? 3/14/1926 Sock and Buskin
Beautiful Sunset 2/15/1926 Sock and Buskin
Six and Eight Pence 1/18/1926 Sock and Buskin
Suppresed Desires 12/21/1925 Sock and Buskin
Owing to Maggie 12/14/1925 Sock and Buskin
One Must Marry 12/7/1925 Sock and Buskin
Barbara 11/23/1925 Sock and Buskin
A Hoosier Holiday 11/23/1925 Sock and Buskin
When Love is Young (Nice People) 11/9/1925 Sock and Buskin
For Summer, For Winter 10/27/1925 Dramatic Club (202 Administration)