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Past Events

Production Month/Year Venue
Twelfth Night, or What You Will May 1-4, 2014  
Underworld (RAW Theatre) April 23-27, 2014  
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular (RRADS) April 10-12, 2014  
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular (RROAPS) March 31-April 6, 2014  
The Women of Troy March 6-9, 2014  
How I Learned to Drive February 17-23, 2014  
Dance Tech:  The Funnies January 23-25, 2013  
The Illusionist November 21-24, 2013  
Fall Dance Festival November 13-16, 2013  
The Prophet Darla October 28-November 3, 2013  
RENT October 10-13 and 17-20, 2013  
Vicarious Playboys (RAW Theatre) September 23-29, 2013  
The Country Wife April 25-28, 2013  
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular April 11-13, 2013  
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular April 1-7, 2013  
The Seagull Februaryu 28-March 3, 2013  
Fuddy Meers February 11-17, 2013  
DanceTech:  Artistry in Motion January 31-February 2, 2013  
Is He Dead? November 29-December2, 2012  
Fall Dance Fest November 29-December 1, 2012  
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying October 18-21 & 25-28, 2012  
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blcokhead October 8-14, 2012  
The Learned Ladies April 26-29, 2012  
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular (RRADS) April 12-15, 2012  
Raider Red's Once-Act Play Spectacular (RROAPS) April 2-8, 2012  
Big Love March 1-4, 2012  
Humble Boy February 13-19, 2012  
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion Spring Concert January 26-29, 2012  
Our Town December 1-4, 2011  
DanceTech: Arteristry in Motion Fall Concert November 17-19, 2011  
Mud:  A Play in 17 Scenes October 31 November 6, 2011  
Urinetown October13-16 20-23, 2011  
Curtains April 22, 2010 Lab Theatre
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular April 8, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular March 29, 2010 Lab Theatre
Rabbit Hole March 4, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Sex, Money, and the Corporate Ladder February 8, 2010 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion January 28, 2010 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Underpants December 3, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Dancetech: Fall Studio Dance Concert November 19, 2009 Lab Theatre
Arya November 2, 2009 Lab Theatre
Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) October 15-18, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Death of a Salesman April 23, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red's Awesome Dance Spectacular April 9, 2009 Lab Theatre
Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular March 30, 2009 Lab Theatre
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) March 5, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay! February 9, 2009 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion January 22, 2009 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Time of Your Life November 20, 2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
frozen October 27, 2008 Lab Theatre
The Full Monty October 16, 2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Comedy of Errors April 24, 2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular March 31, 2008 Lab Theatre
A Streetcar Named Desire March 6, 2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
I'm Batman! February 11,2008 Lab Theatre
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion January 24, 2008 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Jitters 11/29/2007 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Solution 10/29/2007 Lab Theatre
A Chorus Line 10/18/2007 Allen Theatre
To Kill A Mockingbird 4/20/2007 Maedgen Theatre (McDonald Moody Auditorium, LCU)
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 3/26/2007 Lab Theatre (Escondido Theatre)
The Pillowman 2/23/2007 Maedgen Theatre (Firehouse Theatre)
Stop Kiss 2/5/2007 Lab Theatre (Boston Ave Playhouse)
DanceTech: Artistry in Motion 1/26/2007 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Servant of Two Masters 11/17/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Boy Gets Girl 11/6/2006 Lab Theatre
Company 10/13/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Romance of Erin 10/2/2006 Lab Theatre
Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika 4/30/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/2/2006 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Dance Tech: Artistry in Motion 3/5/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
BecauseHeCan 2/26/2006 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Six Characters in Search of an Author 2/19/2006 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Last Night of Ballyhoo 12/4/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Keepingabreast 11/13/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Crazy For You 10/23/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Social Darwinism 10/9/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Unexpected Guest 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Melville Boys 6/2005 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Macbeth 5/1/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/17/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 4/3/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
My Sister in this House 2/20/2005 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The House of Yes 3/6/2005 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Blithe Spirit 12/5/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Millies War 11/14/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Little Shop of Horrors 10/24/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Proof 10/10/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Apple Tree 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
They Came From Mars… 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Real Inspector Hound 6/2004 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 5/1/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Tartuffe 4/25/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/4/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Love of the Nightingale 3/7/2004 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
One Flea Spare 2/22/2004 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Fall Dance Concert 12/6/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Diary of Anne Frank 11/30/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Soap Slips 11/9/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Anything Goes 10/26/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Little Girls Don’t Do That 10/12/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Schoolhouse Rock Live! 6/29/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Isn’t It Romantic 6/27/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
The Woman In Black 6/26/2003 Summer Rep (Lab Theatre)
Coppelia 5/4/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Grapes of Wrath 4/20/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/6/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Amen Corner 3/2/2003 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Angels in America, Part I: Millennium Approaches 2/23/2003 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Khoreographer’s Kick 12/4/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Foreigner 12/1/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Jake’s Women 11/10/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Damn Yankees 10/20/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Laramie Project 10/6/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Baby 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Bus Stop 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Godspell 6/2002 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Spring Dance Concert 4/27/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Tempest 4/21/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/7/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Doll’s House 3/3/2002 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The 1940’s Radio Hour 2/17/2002 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fall Dance Concert 12/1/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 11/25/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Baby Dance 11/4/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
110 in the Shade 10/21/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Pterodactyls 10/7/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Talley’s Folly 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Lily, The Felon’s Daughter 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown 6/2001 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Giselle 4/29/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Day Room 4/15/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular 4/1/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
After the Fall 2/25/2001 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Woyzeck 2/11/2001 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
You Can’t Take it With You 11/26/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Ellie and the Bear Man 11/12/2000 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Art 10/13/2000 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 10/12/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Victims of Duty 10/6/2000 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Riders of the Golden Sphinx 7/2/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
What I Did Last Summer 6/30/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Butler Did It 6/27/2000 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
House of Blue Leaves 4/29/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Well-Made Play 4/6/2000 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Writin' on Rocks 4/6/2000 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2/20/2000 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Last Indian 11/9/1999 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Another Moon Called Earth 7/7/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
A Separate Peace 7/7/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Black Comedy 7/6/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Angel Street 7/5/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
Das Barbecu 7/4/1999 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Cherry Orchard 4/29/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fouled 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Mrs. Rex 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Inferno 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
This is Not a Play 4/10/1999 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Ballet Futura:  Before, Now, Always 4/8/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Extraordinary Ordinary Women 3/22/1999 Allen Theatre
1000 Miles from Nowhere 3/2/1999 Allen Theatre
A Night of Mamet 3/1/1999 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Life is a Dream 2/25/1999 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Threepenny Opera 11/19/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Fool for Love 11/17/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Baltimore Waltz 10/15/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Every Kinda' Man 10/5/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 10/5/1998 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 6/30/1998 Summer Rep (Maedgen Lab Theatre)
The Actor's Nightmare 4/30/1998 Graduate One-Acts
Twelfth Night 4/20/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Vidiot 4/10/1998 Raider Red's One-Act Play Spectacular
Vinegar Tom 3/2/1998 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Horizons:  On the Wings of the Arts 2/9/1998 Lubbock Municipal Auditorium
Guys and Dolls 10/14/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Agnes of God 9/29/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Imaginary Invalid 4/26/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Division Street 4/16/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Santos and Santos 3/5/1997 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Waiting for Godot 2/23/1997 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Christmas Carol (Christopher Markle adaptation) 12/16/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
George!  A Tribute to George Sorensen 10/12/1996 Allen Theatre
Cabaret 10/5/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Red Noses 9/29/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Company of My Fellows 7/3/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
What the Butler Saw 4/20/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Night Sky 3/13/1996 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Kentucky Cycle 2/18/1996 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Equus 4/25/1995 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Annie Warbucks 2/15/1995 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Reverend Jimmy Lee Curtis's Hour of Awesome Power 7/21/1994 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Amadeus 10/7/1993 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Godspell 2/13/1993 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Wonderful Life 12/13/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Our Country's Good 11/15/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Barnum! 10/13/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The King Stag 4/28/1992 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Nunsense 2/15/1992 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Lend Me a Tenor 11/10/1991 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Corner Pocket 11/1/1991 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
El Norte 11/1/1991 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Cloud 9 2/15/1991 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Amahl and the Night Visitors 12/13/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Boys Next Door 11/12/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Grease 10/6/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Loose Ends 7/1/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Charlotte's Web 6/30/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Working 6/25/1990 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
On the Road to East L.A. 4/27/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Taming of the Shrew 4/23/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Adam, Eve and Cain 4/21/1990 Graduate One-Acts
The Users 4/14/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Bathroom 4/10/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
What Do You Hear, Dear Jane? 4/10/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Rose 4/2/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Dark Shades of Green 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Marxism:  The Gospel According to Groucho 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Outlaw 3/12/1990 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Elephant Man 2/14/1990 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Lady from the Sea 11/17/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Cottswald Boy 11/15/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
O.M.O 10/17/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Sally, George and Martha 10/14/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 10/13/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Beirut 7/16/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Most Happy Fella 7/13/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Annie Get Your Gun 7/6/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Laughing Wild 7/2/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 6/30/1989 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
A Separate Peace 5/4/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
A Separate Peace 4/30/1989 Graduate One-Acts
Jesse:  The Musical Saga of Jesse Woodson James 4/30/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Nerd 4/25/1989 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Rhinoceros 3/30/1989 Undergraduate One-Acts
The House of Bernarda Alba 2/17/1989 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Chiarascuro 2/10/1989 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Here's Love 12/5/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Gospel According to N 11/15/1988 Graduate One-Acts
The Wall Inside 10/10/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Double Trouble 10/2/1988 Mass Communications Television
Brigadoon 7/9/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Picnic 7/2/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
10 Little Indians 6/30/1988 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Sganarelle 5/5/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers 5/1/1988 Graduate One-Acts
Noises Off 4/25/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Terrorist Telethon 4/14/1988 Mass Communications Television
Mandragola 4/7/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Arkansas Bear 4/2/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Mayor of Zalamea 3/9/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Cat in the Castle 2/25/1988 Touring Production
The Time of Your Life 2/15/1988 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Marriage of Figaro 2/10/1988 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
A Company of Wayward Saints 2/1/1988 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Scrooge 12/8/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Topography of a Nude 11/20/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Cat in the Castle 11/11/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Without Need 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Live On 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Friendship 10/17/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
On the Verge 10/10/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Sound of Music 10/8/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Choices 10/3/1987 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Cheatin' 7/16/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 7/8/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Rodgers and Hart:  A Musical Celebration 7/4/1987 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Wants 5/6/1987 Graduate One-Acts
Trifles 4/30/1987 Graduate One-Acts
The Foreigner 4/25/1987 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Christmas Carol (Francis Fuselier adaptation) 12/10/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 11/18/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
The Quilters 10/13/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Revue Sketches 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Rats 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Adaptation 5/7/1986 Graduate One-Acts
Crimes of the Heart 4/23/1986 Lab Theatre (Maedgen Theatre)
Faulkner's Bicycle 4/16/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Candide 4/11/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Red Horse Animation 3/17/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Trojan Women 2/15/1986 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Mass Appeal 2/10/1986 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
A Christmas Carol:  Scrooge and Marley 12/10/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Quiet Puncher 11/10/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Annie 10/15/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Tea and Sympathy 10/11/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Dining Room 7/25/1985 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Gypsy 7/6/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Mikado 6/30/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Merrily We Roll Along 6/23/1985 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Only 10 Minutes to Buffalo 5/5/1985 Graduate One-Acts
Mr. Curator's Proposal 5/1/1985 Graduate One-Acts
The Tooth of Crime 4/20/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
A Midsummer Night's Dream 4/6/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Agnes of God 3/2/1985 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia 2/23/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Annie 2/15/1985 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Bent 11/10/1984 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
The Young Wave 10/19/1984 Lab Theatre (Mass Comm)
The Runner Stumbles 10/6/1984 Lab Theatre (Ag Engineering)
Album 9/15/1984 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
How I Got That Story 7/16/1984 Graduate One-Acts
Pippin 6/29/1984 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
West Side Story 6/20/1984 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Women 4/14/1984 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Lakeboat 4/14/1984 Graduate One-Acts
Death of a Salesman 2/15/1984 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Christmas Carol (Francis Fuselier adaptation) 12/10/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
California Suite:  Visitor from Philadelphia 12/10/1983 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Man of La Mancha 10/13/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Saintly Hypocrites and Honest Sinners 10/6/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
They're Playing Our Song 10/5/1983 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Mackie Yewstone 5/2/1983 Lab Theatre (Mass Comm)
The Wizard of Oz 4/23/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Belle of Anherst 4/5/1983 Lab Theatre (Qualia Room)
Dracula:  The Ballet 3/10/1983 KTXT-TV
The Servant of Two Masters 3/7/1983 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Buried Child 2/23/1983 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Footsteps of Doves 12/4/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Indian Wants the Bronx 12/4/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
Portrait of a Madonna 12/2/1982 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Last Ritual of Levi Smith 11/15/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Alone Again 11/15/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Vivat! Vivat, Regina 11/10/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Our Town 10/15/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
See How I Run 10/13/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Side by Side by Sondheim 10/10/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Cabaret 7/13/1982 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Uncommon Women and Others 5/4/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hamlet 4/23/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Bad Play for an Old Lady 4/13/1982 Graduate One-Acts
Ghosts 3/2/1982 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Philadelphia Story 2/25/1982 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Shock of Recognition 12/5/1981 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Twin Menaechmi 11/13/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Dracula:  The Ballet 10/16/1981 Touring Production
The Robber Bridegroom 10/4/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Robber Bridegroom 7/10/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
Oklahoma! 7/4/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
110 in the Shade 6/27/1981 Summer Rep (Civic Lubbock)
The Twin Menaechmi 4/23/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Philemon 4/20/1981 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Eugene Ionesco's 4/14/1981 Graduate One-Acts
Iphigenia at Aulis 4/13/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Bent 4/10/1981 Graduate One-Acts
Endgame 4/10/1981 Graduate One-Acts
A Streetcar Named Desire 2/28/1981 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
American Buffalo 2/20/1981 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Next 12/12/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Voices:  A Sam Shepard Collage 12/8/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Adaptation 12/6/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Wings 11/21/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Sly Fox 10/13/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Come Back, Little Sheba 10/8/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Guys and Dolls 7/7/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
Hay Fever 7/6/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Fantastiks 7/5/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
1776 7/4/1980 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Sea Gull 4/29/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
House of Blue Leaves 4/28/1980 Graduate One-Acts
That Championship Season 4/25/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Cock-A-Doodle Dandy 4/21/1980 Undergraduate One-Acts
Godspell 3/18/1980 Hilton Four Points Hotel
Dracula:  The Ballet 3/12/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder? 3/1/1980 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Visit 2/29/1980 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Helena's Husband 12/7/1979 Undergraduate One-Acts
The Apollo of Bellac 12/4/1979 Undergraduate One-Acts
Of Mice and Men 12/4/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Long Day's Journey into Night 11/23/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
An Odyssey of Dance, Music and Light 10/19/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Harvey 10/12/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Twelfth Night 10/10/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Curse of the Starving Class 4/18/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Pancho! 4/11/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Mrs. Warren's Profession 2/17/1979 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Waiting for Godot 2/11/1979 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Equestrian Assasination of Billy the Kid 12/10/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Who's Happy Now? 12/5/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Killing of Sister George 10/18/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Romeo and Juliet 10/13/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Panhandle 4/14/1978 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Kaspar 2/10/1978 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 4/25/1977 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Kennedy's Children 4/13/1977 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Oedipus the King 3/1/1977 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Two for the Seesaw 2/13/1977 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Texas Steer 7/7/1976 Mainstage (Thompson Jr. High)
One Foot in Heaven 7/5/1976 The Ranching Heritage Center
The Awakening of John Slater 7/4/1976 The Ranching Heritage Center
Journey's End 3/13/1976 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Taste of Honey 10/30/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hot l Baltimore 7/4/1975 Summer Rep (Mainstage)
The Glass Menagerie 4/20/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hit and Run '75 2/27/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Godspell 2/9/1975 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Faustus! 12/14/1974 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Play It Again, Sam 12/9/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 10/7/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  The Attempt 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  The Umbrella 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
A Trio of Debuts:  It's All in Your Head 4/10/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Oklahoma! 2/28/1974 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Momma's Hung You in the Closet 2/15/1974 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Clem Maverick 11/10/1973 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Mary Stuart 4/6/1973 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Lower Depths 3/2/1973 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Rashomon 2/10/1973 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater 11/15/1972 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Country Wife 11/14/1972 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
ERAHS EW 10/15/1972 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Everything in the Garden 10/13/1972 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
The Four-Poster 4/13/1971 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Lysistrata 11/12/1970 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
Don Juan in Hell 11/15/1967 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Hamlet 4/20/1966 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Fantastiks 11/2/1965 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
Romeo and Juliet 4/23/1964 Maedgen Theatre Mainstage
A Dance to Please 10/13/1953 Lab Theatre (Speech Building)
The Little Town of Bethlehem 12/15/1930  
Hero Worship 12/4/1929 Sock and Buskin
Once There Was a Princess 11/20/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Trap 11/6/1929 Sock and Buskin
How He Lied to Her Husband 4/10/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Falcon 3/27/1929 Texas Tech One-Act Play Competition
The Eligible Mr. Bangs 3/13/1929 Sock and Buskin
Riders to the Sea 2/13/1929 Sock and Buskin
The Doctor of Lonesome Folk 12/16/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
Condemned 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
Place 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Eleventh Hour 12/2/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Rehearsal 11/18/1928 Sock and Buskin
His Inheritance 11/4/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Good Ship Barnacle 10/20/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
The Youngest 5/1/1928 Mainstage (Gym)
Overtones 3/6/1928 Sock and Buskin
The Man Who Died at Midnight 11/16/1927 Sock and Buskin
The Brink of Silence 11/2/1927 Sock and Buskin
Poor Old Jim 10/12/1927 Sock and Buskin
Reform 6/3/1926 Sock and Buskin
Just Women 4/29/1926 Sock and Buskin
The Charm School 4/22/1926 Sock and Buskin
The Heart of a Clown 3/25/1926 Sock and Buskin
Words of a Stranger 3/18/1926 Sock and Buskin
Who's the Boss? 3/14/1926 Sock and Buskin
Beautiful Sunset 2/15/1926 Sock and Buskin
Six and Eight Pence 1/18/1926 Sock and Buskin
Suppresed Desires 12/21/1925 Sock and Buskin
Owing to Maggie 12/14/1925 Sock and Buskin
One Must Marry 12/7/1925 Sock and Buskin
Barbara 11/23/1925 Sock and Buskin
A Hoosier Holiday 11/23/1925 Sock and Buskin
When Love is Young (Nice People) 11/9/1925 Sock and Buskin
For Summer, For Winter 10/27/1925 Dramatic Club (202 Administration)