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Left to right: Phoebe Okungu, Beau Pihlaja, D. Gilson, Lisa Phillips, Jennifer Nish, Sherice Gearhart, Deidre Popovich, Kristen Michelson, Raychel Vasseur, Rina Little, Irma Almager, James Yang, Ori Swed, and Wanli Xing

Not pictured: Michelle Pearson, Mallory Prucha, Raymond Flores, and Tanya Calamoneri

The Institute for Inclusive Excellence is a partnership between the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center, and the Center for Global Communication. The Institute for Inclusive Excellence was initiated in 2009 and provides faculty with an opportunity to promote a greater understanding of the academic value of diversity. The Institute provides an opportunity for participants to consider inclusive pedagogies and best practices in the classroom and the university as a whole. Participants will finish the Institute with a richer understanding of the academic success that can be achieved through an institutional model of inclusive excellence. They will learn strategies and insights to better prepare Texas Tech students to be multiculturally competent and globally competitive. Faculty who attend the Institute will further assist the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the development of policies and programs that advance the academic and professional climate for diversity and equity at Texas Tech.

Institute for Inclusive Excellence Objectives/Goals

 The Institute for Inclusive Excellence (IIE) will seek to:

    • Build a community of diversity advocates by creating opportunities for interactions (through speakers, events, discussions, etc.) between past and current (IIE) cohorts.
    • Provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their own identities and privileges, particularly related to equity and access in the classroom.

As participants in IIE, Fellows will commit to:

    • Revise a current syllabus into a culturally responsive format.
    • Practice using a communication tool (such as LARA: Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add or OTFD: Observe, Think, Feel, Desire) or other classroom strategies to facilitate difficult classroom conversations.
    • Discuss and apply strategies for inclusion in the classroom.

Fall Schedule of Events

2017-2018 Institute for Inclusive Excellence Cohort

  • Jenny Cundiff, Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Carole Edwards, Associate Professor, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Kendall Gerdes, Assistant Professor, English, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education
  • Jesse Jou, Assistant Professor, School of Theatre & Dance, Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Carla Lacerda, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Whitacre College of Engineering
  • Sun Young Lee, Assistant Professor, Public Relations, College of Media & Communication
  • Ian Lertora, Assistant Professor, Education Psychology & Leadership, College of Education
  • Ali Nejat, Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering, Whitacre College of Engineering
  • Diego Pascual y Cabo, Assistant Professor, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, College of Arts & Sciences
  • David Rivera, HRM Graduate Programs Director, Hospitality & Retail Management, College of Human Sciences
  • Brie Sherwin, Associate Professor, School of Law
  • Sungwon Shin, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology & Leadership, College of Education
  • Andrew Stetson, Assistant Professor, School of Music, Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts

Application Process

Applications for the 2018-2019 Institute for Inclusive Excellence cohort are now open to full-time tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, full-time professors of practice, and full-time instructors and are due Friday August 24th.

  1. Completed Application Form answering the following questions within the application.
    1. How will completion of the Institute for Inclusive Excellence allow you to help to develop graduates who recognize the challenges of inclusivity and diversity?
    2. What insights and experiences will you bring to the Institute for Inclusive Excellence that will enhance the cohort.
    3. Summarization of academic history, including degrees/certificates received, vocational training programs, professional institutes, etc.
    4. Description of current responsibilities
  2. Approval using the Department Chair and the Academic Dean Commitment Forms available in the application.

Institute for Inclusive Excellence Application

Note: The selection committee will expect and consider a wide range and variety of experiences from the applicants.

For more information regarding the Inclusive Excellence Institute, please send an e-mail to Erika Brooks-Hurst or call (806) 742-0133.

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