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Information for Faculty Search Committees

Texas Tech's OP 32.16, “Faculty Recruitment Procedure,” requires each faculty search committee chairperson to meet with the Vice-Provost for a briefing on the requirements of OP 32.16, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity procedures, and other resources available to broaden the faculty candidate pool. During this briefing, which typically takes about an hour, Vice Provost Juan Muñoz reviews the requirements of OP 32.16, including what is required of the faculty search committee before the search begins, during the search, and at the conclusion of the search. Also during the briefing, strategies are presented and resources offered on how to broaden the faculty search, and committee chairpersons are given the opportunity to ask questions on the requirements of OP 32.16.

Committee Chairs should email Paul Ruiz at paul.ruiz@ttu.edu or call 742-7025 to sign up for a meeting with Dr. Muñoz. The meetings are held typically scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00am at the TLPDC.

To download documents for search committee chairs, please click here. For privacy purposes, to access this material you will need to use your Eraider information. When asked for your username, simply enter TTU\ and then your Eraider username. You will also enter your Eraider password. You will find the information and can click on each title to download the documents.

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