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Flipping Out! Encouraging Preparation before Class for More Discussion during Class

The latest buzz in teaching and learning circles is an idea called “flipping the lecture.” What is a flipped or inverted class? It is often a class in which content is permanently archived for review or remediation. The assumption is that students will take responsibility for their own learning and prepare ahead of time so that the class time is used for direct, active learning, and the interaction between the faculty member and student is increased and focused on deeper learning. But does it work? These resources are meant to provide many opinions, thoughts, and examples of the flipped classroom. 

If you are visiting this page in preparation for the session on Thursday, August 16th during the TLPDC Jumpstart Program titled, “Flipping Out! Encouraging Preparation before Class for More Discussion during Class,” we ask that you begin by viewing the three videos prepared by our presenters, Dr. Dom Casadonte (Chemistry), Dr. Donna Davis (Marketing) and Dr. Michael Dini (Biology). After all, this is a discussion about flipping the class and it's only fair that you should try it yourself!  Please watch the three videos below and come prepared for discussion. 

Dr. Dominick Casadonte, Chemistry, Texas Tech University, shares about his experiences in teaching a time shifted or “flipped” class.

Dr. Michael Dini, Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, discusses his concerns  and thoughts about flipping the lecture.

PowerPoint Presentation with audio
Dr. Donna Davis, Marketing, Texas Tech University, talks about why she thinks time shifting/flipping the lecture is a timely pedagogy with today's students.

Shift Happens (Powerpoint)

Additional Resources

Summary Resources and Videos
This wiki does a nice job of bringing together the most commonly cited videos and an information/planning chart that I think can be tailored/modified for higher ed instructional situations

A website from NC State University School of Education with many different course flipping resources.

This vendor-sponsored article from Converge Magazine is titled, “The Flipped Classroom: Increasing Instructional effectiveness in Higher Education with Blended Learning Technology.”

“Flipping the Classroom Requires More Than Video” This article provides an interesting history and overview of course flipping.

In Their Own Words: Faculty Members Discussing Course Flipping
An engineering professor at the University of Utah, Dr. Cindy Furse, is flipping her course and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence posted links for a workshop Dr. Furse conducted for interested faculty. http://ctle.utah.edu/instructor-resources/hybrid-courses-furse.php 

Dr. Mats Selen, from theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne Physics Education Research Group uses interactive online pre-lectures in large physics classes. This video is a presentation about their work.. http://research.physics.illinois.edu/per

Susan Murphy, Multimedia Development, Algonquin College
Dr. Robert Talbert, Math, Grand Valley State University
Dr. Robert Beichner, Physics, North Carolina State University

Michelle Pacansky-Brock - Art History - Mt. San Jacinto College
How and why I flipped my classroom” (https://sites.google.com/site/flipyourclass/). Michelle also did a great online workshop for Wiley Learning Institute (vendor), called “Flipping the Lecture Classroom: Making the Most of Student Time” (http://wli.wiley.com/pg/pages/view/534/#agenda).

Resources for People Getting Started

Additional Resources

Special thanks for the members of the POD Listserv for the resources generated during a recent discussion about flipping the lecture (Summer, 2012).  To learn more about the listserv and to find information about searching the discussion archives, please visit  http://www.podnetwork.org/listserv.htm

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