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The mission of the Teaching Academy at Texas Tech University is to advocate for teaching excellence, promote service related to the university's teaching mission, advise and mentor colleagues and others, and share knowledge about teaching strategies and their implementation as appropriate.

Texas Tech University also has a history of providing a strong environment for student learning and excellent teaching. We need to continue to promote excellence in instruction as a vital part of the university mission and to ensure that excellence in teaching isn't compromised by an increased focus on research and professional commitments. At Texas Tech there has been an increased conversation about our aspirations to be recognized as a ‘Tier One' university. Members of the faculty are highly motivated to excel in their scholarship and creative activity. Institutional support and encouragement for these activities take many forms.

The very existence of the Teaching Academy is a sign to the university community and beyond that good teaching matters. But the Academy also contributes in very practical ways to the support and development of a strong teaching culture. A variety of activities and services offered through the Academy help faculty bridge their desire to be a good teacher with knowledge about fresh pedagogical techniques, theories of student learning and the scholarship of teaching that contributes to their professional growth development as educators. The role of the Teaching Academy in providing and selecting teaching awards and recognition substantiates institutional and peer appreciation of teaching excellence.

We want Texas Tech to be known for not only research excellence, but also superior teaching. The Teaching Academy plays a central role in promoting the scholarship of teaching, student learning, and in general, an academic culture that enhances Texas Tech stature as a great university.



Dr. Lawrence Schovanec
Texas Tech University

Teaching Academy News & Upcoming Events

  • 2019 Teaching Academy New Member applications are currently open and will be due by 5:00pm on March 25th , 2019. Application information is available on the New Member webpage
  • If you have any questions about the Teaching Academy, please contact Dr. Comfort Pratt, Chair of the Executive Council.

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