Task Statement

The Amarillo Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board has allocated $6.4 million in 2014 and 2015 to a project along IH-40 from Coulter St. to Helium Rd. and LP 335 from SW 45 Ave. to Amarillo Blvd. (BI-40) to improve capacity, mobility and safety.The existing segment along LP 335 has developed with large commercial retail, which has caused the corridor to become congested, especially during peak shopping periods.This section along IH-40 and LP 335 is expected to generate the largest amount of retail growth in the future because of the close proximity to IH-40 and the regional shopping mall.TxDOT, in conjunction with the City of Amarillo and Amarillo MPO, has made a commitment to protect and preserve existing corridors in Amarillo.
The proposed plan that was approved by the MPO Policy Board consisted of converting the ramps on IH-40 from a diamond pattern to an X pattern, adding a turnaround under the bridge for eastbound traffic at LP 335, modifications to Westgate Pkwy Intersection, a proposed collector west of LP 335, additional turn lanes on LP 335, signal upgrades, and the addition of raised medians. The City of Amarillo, TxDOT and the Amarillo MPO has involved stakeholders and the public during the last year to develop the proposed project, and has made a commitment to provide a more detailed analysis of the proposed changes before additional public involvement is held.
Service to be provided by Transtech include:
  • Evaluate projected traffic based upon future development
  • Model and determine existing LOS and travel times for IH-40 main lanes, frontage roads and intersections and LP 335 from 45th Ave. to Amarillo Blvd. for current and projected traffic.
  • Evaluate projected traffic based upon future development
    • Condition I Model changes to the ramps on IH-40, medians at select intersections, additional lanes on LP 335 from IH-40 to BI-40, additional NB right turn lane on LP 335 and Westgate Pkwy.
    • Condition II Model Condition I and add intersection modifications at Westgate Pkwy and the proposed collector to the west of LP 335
    • Condition III Model Condition I & II with the addition of raised medians from 45th Ave. to Amarillo Blvd.
  • Develop signal timing plans to maximize LOS for the segment of LP 335 from 45th Ave. to Amarillo Blvd. and at the IH 40 intersections of LP 335 and Coulter Rd.

Progress and demonstrations

NOV., 2012.  Latest progress. Check more videos of this project on our youtube channel!
May, 2012.  Data collection plan generated. (request full document)

Meeting Minutes

1. 05/16/2012 A kick-off meeting with Amarillo MPO, TxDOT Amarillo district, and City Traffic Engineers was successfully held. (request minutes)
2. Second Meeting is scheduled at Early Sep, 2012
(See progress here)