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According to the Urban Mobility Report , congestion caused 4.2 billion hours of travel delay and 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel in 2007. Traffic Engineering discipline prides itself on offering the mobility choices to reduce congestion and emissions. The TransTech Laboratory was established as part of TechMRT in fall of 2004 when Dr. Hongchao Liu was brought to the university.

Reserach Intrestes

  • Advanced traffic signal control algorithms for large and congested street networks
  • Macro-, meso- and microscopic traffic simulation models
  • Car following models and traffic flow theory
  • GPS and GIS technologies and advanced map-matching for vehicle navigation

Latest news

2012.11 Preprint of our papers now available!
2012.11 Check our latest progress on the Amarillo project! Click Here!
2012.5 Trantech received funding from TxDOT to conduct a traffic evaluation study on IH-40 and LP 335 in Amarillo, Texas! Keep updated here !