Texas Tech University

Student Testimonials

Owen KeyOwen Key

I have been part of SSS since 2013 and then transferred to Tech and joined the program here. Mrs. Munoz and Ms. Smiley have helped keep me accountable and always offer great advice. The lab has become a great place for me to "get back to the grind." I am proud that I made President's Select in Spring of 2016 and made President's List with a 4.0 GPA in the Fall of 2016. A fun fact about myself is that I play three instruments and can sing.

Maxine HernandezMaxine Hernandez

I have been in SSS since Fall of 2015. My favorite part about the program is that it provides a quiet study space with a friendly staff. I've always had dreams and SSS has helped me make them a reality and turned them into attainable goals. For example, I have became president of a student organization, received scholarships, and will be able to graduate early. A unique thing about me is that I love to crochet when I have free time.

Minerva BonillaMinerva Bonilla

I have been with SSS since Fall of 2015. This program has helped me meet my goals my providing me the accessible tutoring sessions and coaching on how to reach my desired goals. The friendly environment has helped me gain confidence in myself and keep striving to be better. A fun fact about me would be, I'm in the same grade as my older brother because I wanted to be and my grades were always higher.