Texas Tech University


TRIO SSS partners with several departments on campus and various entities within the community to enhance the program experience. The following partners are just a few of the many resources that help make TRIO SSS extraordinary.

Mentor Tech

Through faculty and staff mentoring and peer group networking, the program improves the retention and eventual graduation rates of students from Texas Tech University System by fostering a campus climate that is conducive to their academic, social and cultural needs and interest.

Office of Community Engagement

It is the mission of the Office of Community Engagement to foster a college-achieving culture through programs, partnerships and opportunities which serve the community, promote learning, encourage wellness, and inspire conversations about the value of higher education.

First Generation Transition & Mentoring Programs

Through advising, mentoring, and group interaction, the First Generation Transition and Mentoring Programs strive to improve the retention and success rates of First Generation College (FGC) students at Texas Tech by fostering an environment that supports their academic, social/community, and personal needs.