Texas Tech University

Service Learning at TTU


Service learning is a pedagogy that links academic study and civic engagement through thoughtfully organized service that meets the needs of the community. Texas Tech faculty from diverse academic disciplines report that service learning enhances their teaching and student's interest in course material, and connects both faculty and students to the community. Service learning provides faculty opportunities to create dynamic learning environments for their students.

A partnership of the Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences (TRUE) and the Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Center (TLPDC), the Service Learning Program is committed to providing rigorous and reflective academic experiences for our students.

Interested in designating a service learning course?

The Service Learning Program welcomes course submissions from all colleges, departments, and instructors. Faculty are encouraged to submit their service-learning course materials for official "S" designation.  

Faculty interested in service-learning are also encouraged to apply for the Service Learning Faculty Fellows Program. The Service Learning Faculty Fellows (SLFF) program fosters a community of scholars who integrate the philosophy, pedagogy, and process of service learning into each component of their professional lives—research, teaching, and service.