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Computational Thinking (CT)

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The Texas Tech T-STEM Center Computational Thinking resources are the result of an NSF CPATH Inspire-CT Project, in collaboration with Drexel University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The need for computer science majors is at an all-time high because of the increasing development of technology. However, the number of students seeking careers in computer science and computer technology is not increasing. These resources provide teachers with materials and training on how to introduce their students to computer science and computer technology through computational thinking.

Computational thinking is the ability to use computers to solve problems, so it is not limited to those who might be interested in computer science careers. Computational thinking is knowledge that everyone should have in order to use technology to solve complex problems, derive at best possible solutions, and model those solutions. As we gain a better understanding of how computer technology works, we become better users of the tools of technology and better problem solvers.

Computational Thinking Project

Computational Thinking Project: Small Screen Application
for Space Transfer Module

These classroom lessons include activities that teach students about things such as binary numbers; developing graphics, web-pages, animation software, and projects; and implementing team work. It also enhances students’ critical thinking skills and better prepares them to be college ready, career ready, and life ready.

Computational Thinking Resources

Computational Thinking Resources

These resources include a collection of CT introductory materials, presentations, and handouts — everything teachers and students need to learn more about CT or to advocate for it. Also included are membership organizations and special interest groups that explore and disseminate teaching and learning resources related to CT.