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Content for Integrating Diversity and Ethical Reasoning into Classroom Instruction

A significant challenge facing today’s teachers is preparing students for participation in global communities. Regardless of technological knowledge, today’s students must also understand the necessity for navigation through a variety of cultures, religions, languages, and economies without bias. Constructing classroom environments that encourage greater understanding of diversity through ethical reasoning is key in this preparation process.

Diversity in Ethical Reasoning – Philosophy

Developed for TTU T-STEM Center by Rich Burgess

The focus of this presentation, philosophical inquiry, includes discussions about ethics which can promote diversity and equity in two ways. Directly, philosophical inquiry is capable of critically examining the nature and extent of our biases. We can talk about the ethical underpinnings of equity. And, indirectly, philosophical discussions often reveal that we have more in common than we realize – biases diminish and disappear as a sense of “otherness” becomes more illusory.

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Diversity and The Art of Teaching

Developed for TTU T-STEM Center by Dr. Beccy Hambright

In Diversity, Inclusion, and the Concealed Mind (The Linkage Leader, March 2010), Howard Ross states, “Increasing our diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural competency require us to undertake a long journey of continuously challenging our perceptions and slowing down our impulse to judge instantaneously and reactively.” This presentation focuses on methods of incorporating those ideals into classroom instruction and educational advancement.

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Was It Something I Said?
Developing Communication Techniques that Enhance Ethical Reasoning and Diversity Understanding

Developed for TTU T-STEM Center by Dr. Beccy Hambright

Communication miscues are often the culprit in ethical problems and diversity missteps. This workshop focuses on way to identify and integrate instruction throughout existing curricula to avoid such dilemmas. Teachers learn methods to help students: construct knowledgeable, confident self-identities; develop critical thinking skills and empathetic interactions; and, identify and respond fairly to injustices and bias.

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Marooned Activity

Adapted from American Society for Training and Development, West Texas Chapter

This group activity includes all participants in areas of communication which are frequently faced whether in education, business, or personal applications including: listening, nonverbal, and verbal skills; team building; and chain of operational command issues.

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