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Physics of Sound: Wind Chimes

Physics of Sound Launch Page

Wind chimes are an excellent way to teach students about the physics of sound propagation and the behavior of sound waves. In this project, students are told that their team has been hired to create a wind chime to specifications. This project illustrates mastering wave length, resonance, frequency, and other concepts. Plus the students will have created a wind chime by the time they’ve finished.

Physics of Sound Content

Physics of Sound Project: A Wave of Cooperation

This project models teaching and assessments strategies for a project based lesson using the engineering design process. The academic content emphasizes sound propagation and behavior of waves. The project illustrates a relevant application for mastering wave length, resonance, frequency, and other concepts in the TEKS for Integrated Physics and Chemistry and Physics courses.

Physics of Sound Resources

Physics of Sound Resources

These resources include websites referenced in the activities we presented in the previous section. You will find a variety of educational and entertaining items focused on the physics of sound, physics, mathematics and science.

Physics of Sound Professional Development

Engineering Design: The Physics of Wind Chimes

The TTU T-STEM Center offers a professional development workshop that integrates the physics of sound with the engineering design process. This approach allows teachers to learn the engineering design process by solving a hands-on engineering challenge to design and build an unique wind chime. Physics content involving wave forms and sound transmission will be demonstrated and applied to the wind chime design.