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Physics of Sound Project: A Wave of Cooperation

This project models teaching and assessments strategies for a project based lesson using the engineering design process. The academic content emphasizes sound propagation and behavior of waves. The project illustrates a relevant application for mastering wave length, resonance, frequency, and other concepts in the TEKS for Integrated Physics and Chemistry and Physics courses.

Teacher Instructions


Project Background

This document provides a scenario for the wind chime design challenge.

Student Worksheet

Station 1: Types of Waves

This activity focuses on the different types of waves and their characteristics.

Student Worksheet

Station 2: Frequency

This activity focuses on frequencies and specifies the chord requirement for the wind chime.

Student Worksheet

Station 3: Resonance

This activity focuses on resonance and introduces the use of the tuning fork.

Student Worksheet


Science, Grade 6
Science/Integrated Physics and Chemistry
112.38.2.B investigative procedures
112.38.2.C collect data and make measurements
112.38.2.D predict trends
112.38.2.E communicate valid conclusions
112.38.4 force and motion
112.38.5 energy transfer and energy conservation
112.39.1 lab safety
112.39.2.J tables, charts, graphs
112.39.2.K journaling
112.39.4 laws governing motion
112.39.7 characteristics and behavior of waves
Career and Technical Education/STEM/Advanced Engineering Design and Presentation
130.366.1 skills for workplace success
130.336.4 project documentation and work flow
130.336.7 engineering design methodologies
Career and Technical Education/STEM/Principles of Technology
130.371.2.E investigative procedures
130.371.2.J make inferences from data
130.371.2.K journals
130.371.11.B characteristics of waves
130.371.11.C relationship between wavespeed, frequency, and wavelength
130.371.11.D characteristics and behaviors of transverse waves
130.371.11.E behaviors of waves
Career and Technical Education/STEM/Engineering Design and Problem Solving
130.373.2.A scientific processes and concepts
130.373.2.D integrate advanced mathematics and science skills
130.373.2.E judge reasonableness of mathematical models and solutions
130.373.2.F science and engineering design problems
130.373.2.K conversions
130.373.3.B technical documents
130.373.3.F presentation
130.373.5.F models, prototypes, mock-ups
130.373.6.A design and implementation
130.373.6.C teams
130.373.6.E identify and manage resources
130.373.6.F use a budget
130.373.6.H analyze and critique
130.373.6.I engineering notebook