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Halliburton GEAR Project Based Learning Lesson Plans

Research shows a decline in student involvement in STEM related education and careers. The media and political arenas have brought to light that U.S. students are falling behind those in other countries, especially in math and science. In order to help solve this problem, education agencies are looking towards Project Based Learning (PBL) and 21st Century Skills in hopes of generating students interest not only in STEM but to improve student skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

On this page, teachers will find resources and lesson plans for a PBL activity that combines LEGO robotics and the 2012 GEAR “Power Up” competition challenges. Halliburton graciously sponsored the 2012 GEAR competition and provided the focus of robotics in the energy fields. The PBL activities focus on implementing robotics into a variety of energy simulations centered in a variety of fields – petroleum, solar, wind, biofuels, and hydroelectricity. A PBL overview for a culminating project is included along with a budget planning sheet and rubric. Each GEAR challenge has been created to include the 5E model of instruction, robotics, and the PBL format. By completing the GEAR competition challenges in this manner, students will be given an in-depth look into the different energy fields as well as applying robotics.