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Pre-LEGO Activities

The resources listed on this page can be helpful in introducing LEGO robotics to the classroom. These materials will be most helpful to teachers that are looking into starting a robotics program in their school as well as teachers that have prior experience with LEGO robotics that want to extend their program. LEGO programs and activities are continually evolving and we encourage collaboration among teachers.

It is important for all persons (teachers, students, administrators, and parents) to be aware that LEGO robotics is more involved that just “playing with toys”. By implementing a robotics program in your school, students will be exposed to STEM fields and content, critical thinking and problem solving, and 21st Century Skills. By using LEGO, students are able to begin their exploration into engineering by using a familiar and safe method for construction. Plus by combining LEGO and robots, students are presented with a natural hook for engagement in the classroom and are able to begin dreaming of future careers and applications.