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Rocketry: Physics of Stable Flight

Rocketry Launch Page

The Texas Tech T-STEM Center Rocketry Program builds upon a network of partnerships to connect schools with expert mentors, established launch sites, and the major events and organizations involved in rocketry. This support — coupled with our research-driven professional development and project-based STEM curriculum — provides a foundation for the numerous national rocketry competition wins and record-breaking flights that many of our schools achieve.

The teaching resources included here address a range of academic content and practical skills that offer students an extremely exciting and rigorous learning experience. The mathematics, physics, and other STEM concepts that students encounter during the design process embody academic concepts such as Newtonian Laws of Motion, center of pressure, and coefficient of drag. Constructing stable rockets and developing plans for launch preparation and safety procedures develop important skills for critical problem solving, teamwork, and communication that help make students both college and life ready.

Rocketry Content

Rocketry Project Planning, Content and Activities

The resources on this page can be useful for planning and managing student rocketry projects in the classroom. These materials are intended as a resource only for teachers that have previous training or significant experience with rocketry. Nothing is more important than the safety of students, and we encourage even the most experienced teachers to seek out guidance and support from knowledgeable mentors.

Rocketry Resources

Rocketry Organizations, Events and Sources

We have developed formal partnerships and close working relationships with practitioner organizations such as National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and Lockheed Martin, as well as with organizations and agencies that regulate amateur rocketry in order to connect schools with knowledgeable mentors, well-managed launch sites, and major events in rocketry.