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Rocketry Organizations, Competitions and Sources

We have developed formal partnerships and close working relationships with practitioner organizations such as National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and Lockheed Martin, as well as with organizations and agencies that regulate amateur rocketry in order to connect schools with knowledgeable mentors, well-managed launch sites, and major events in rocketry. Judging by the number of schools using our curriculum and professional development that consistently place at the top in national rocketry competitions, or build and successfully launch high-powered rockets designed to carry scientific payloads aloft or to break Mach we must be doing something right.

Rocketry Organizations

Tripoli Rocketry Association
Tripoli Rocketry Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur rocketry with an emphasis on high powered rocketry. There are 89 local Tripoli clubs across the United States. Tripoli members have significant expertise and the organization maintains launch sites across the country with safety procedures and insurance coverage for their launches. Tripoli is extremely supportive of rocketry education and is a good place to connect with mentors and learn about rocketry resources in your area.

National Association of Rocketry
National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is a scientific organization dedicated to consumer safety, youth education, and the advancement of technology in the hobby of space modeling (sport rocketry) in the United States. Founded in 1957, the NAR is the oldest and largest space modeling organization in the world with over 5100 members and 125 affiliated clubs across the U.S. NAR emphasizes rocketry as a family activity and its focus is typically on smaller model rockets. The organization helps sponsor the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC).

National Aeronautic and Space Administration
This link takes you to the rocketry pages of the NASA Education website. The NASA Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, AL sponsors the Student Launch Initiative (SLI), which invites the top twenty middle and high school teams from the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) to participate in building a reusable high-powered rocket to carry a scientific payload to an altitude of one mile. SLI is also open to university teams that propose a project. NASA Education is a major resource for curriculum, professional development, internships, and other resources or materials related to the NASA mission.


Team America Rocketry Challenge
The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) provides 7th through 12th grade students from across the nation an opportunity to compete with rockets designed within a set of constraints established each year for the competition. TARC has a modest registration fee and accepts up to 1,000 teams annually with the top 100 teams competing in the finals in Virginia.

Student Launch Initiative
The top 20 TARC teams are invited to participate in the NASA Student Launch Initiative (SLI) which challenges middle and high school students to design, build and launch a reusable rocket with a scientific or engineering payload to an altitude of one mile. The project engages students in scientific research and real-world engineering processes such as project documentation and presentations to NASA engineers. University teams are accepted into SLI based on the merits of proposals they submit for projects.


Apogee Components
Apogee Components has a significant amount of educational resources built around rocketry including a useful library of online videos. Apogee offers an educational discount for all their rocketry products. The RockSimdesign and simulation software is extremely popular in amateur rocketry. RockSim has a database of motors and parts and allows users to easily change materials, dimensions, and other variables in their rocket designs, and to run a simulation testing the performance of the design.

Estes is one of the oldest and best known manufacturer of products for the model rocket industry. Estes also has a significant amount of curricular materials built around rocketry. Estes is world renowned as a leading manufacturer of innovative hobby products for the model rocket industry.