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Students Compete in TAME State Math

TAME Competetion 2008

April 19, 2008

Forty middle school and high school students representing West Texas competed in the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) state math and science competition, bringing home awards in 10 of the 23 contests.

Students brought home awards in 10 of the 23 contests, with Estacado High School student Michael Collins participating on the winning Engineering Design Team.

This year's event drew 260 students to the Lockheed Martin Recreational Facility in Fort Worth for two days of contests designed to test students' knowledge on a range of math and science topics.

"Lockheed Martin pulled out all the stops and created an inspiring atmosphere for the students to compete in," said Estacado High School Teacher Greg Burnham, who coordinated the trip. "This year's team was the largest and most diverse we have ever taken to the state math and science competition and it was a great experience for students, sponsors and parents."

According to TAME's Web site, the annual contest was designed to be accessible to students at no cost. TAME provides transportation, meals and hotel accommodations for every student participating in the competition.

TAME works to encourage students from traditionally underrepresented populations to pursue careers in engineering through events like the statewide math and science competition. The Austin-based, non-profit organization is made up of 16 local alliances, or chapters, spread across the state.

The Texas Tech University T-STEM Center sponsors the Lubbock alliance of TAME.

This year's competition was hosted by the Lockheed Martin Corporation and sponsored by Shell Oil Company with additional funding from ConocoPhillips and the Texas Education Agency State Engineering and Science Recruitment Fund.

Students representing the Lubbock Alliance at this year's competition included: (Dumas) Matt Akins, Priyal Bashvar, Traci Hise, Lubita Juarado, Hernan Ortiz, Akshur Patel, Jennifer Romero, Kyle Schmucker, P. J. Turango, Brandi Venturi, Jason Wait, Ryan Wilhelm, (Lubbock) Kris Avelar, Janis Christophe, Michael Collins, Rico Delgado, Miranda Duncan, Mathew Gardener, Brianna Gutierrez, Brandon Hunt, Keviosha Manahan, Berl McLaurin, David Medrano, Le Roy Mitchel, Rene Pano, Candice Parker, Caitlin Puga, Michael Ramirez, (Plainview) Courtney Derrick, Emily Evans, Jordan Garza, Max Gerber, Dominic Ramirez, Neptaly Trujillo, (Seminole) Tyler Baron, Alexis Hastings, Ketaki Kulkarni, Sam Shirley, J. R. Taylor and Kevin Wallace.

Sponsors and coaches for the group included: (Dumas) Rachel Sanders, Pam Wood, (Lubbock) Sandi Davis, Richard Delgado, Virginia Delgado, Malli Travis, (Plainview) Marla Howard, James Soder, Kevin Gerber, Melinda Gerber, (Seminole) Abi Adams, Terry Fay, Shannon Barron, and Denise Shirley.

Additional Information

West Texas Winners

  • Max Gerber (Plainview)
  • 6th Grade Science, 3rd
  • Neptaly Trujillo (Plainview)
  • 7th Grade Mathematics, 3th
  • Miranda Duncan (Lubbock)
  • 8th Grade Mathematics, 5th
  • Rene Pano (Lubbock)
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry, 3rd
  • P. J. Tarango (Dumas)
  • Chemistry, 4th
  • Kyle Schmucker (Dumas)
  • Chemistry, 5th
  • Priyal Bashvar (Dumas)
  • Physics, 4th
  • Michael Collins (Lubbock)
  • High School Engineering Design Team, 1st
  • Brandon Hunt (Lubbock)
  • High School Engineering Design Team, 2nd
  • Broderick Davis (Lubbock)
  • High School Engineering Design Team, 3rd


For more than 30 years, TAME has encouraged K-12 students' interest in math and science through by providing scholarship assistance and activities like the math and science competition for students across the state

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