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Partnership for 21st Century Skills 21st Century Skills Teachers and administrators will find information about 21st century skills and how to implement them. Look especially at Our Work > Resources > For Educators.
21 Things 4 the 21st Century Educator: Technology Every Educator Should Know 21st Century Skills Our site provides activities for educators interested in learning to use 21st century tools in the classroom.
Texas College and Career Readiness Initiative College and Career Readiness The Texas CCRS site provides a number of useful references and resources, including a PDF of the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards.
Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman's Guide to a Sustainable Career Careers A guide developed by the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor.
Career Pathways Series Careers Educator's Guides created by CBE (Connecticut Business & Industry Association):  "Energy and Green Technology," "You Belong: Women in Manufacturing," "Engineering," Career Pathways: Health and Biosciences," and "Manufacture Your Future 2.0."
STEM Support Resources from OnlineSchools.org Resources The first section of the guide serves as a resource to K-12 students and their parents. The second section addresses resources for prospective and current college students.
The Leader's Guide to 21st Century Education 21st Century Skills

The authors of this book, published in 2012, provide seven steps to implement 21st century skills: 1) adopt your vision, 2) create a community consensus, 3) align your system, 4) build professional capacity, 5) focus your curriculum & assessment, 6) support your teachers, and 7) improve and innovate.
Why so Few Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Women in STEM

The American Association of University Women were chosen by the National Science Foundation to conduct a study of why women are under-represented in STEM careers and to make recommendations about counteracting the trend. This book is fascinating. Published in 2010.
Project Based Learning (PBL) Starter Kit Project- Based Learning (PBL)

The Starter Kit is published by the Buck Institute for Education (BIE.org), and is considered by many to be the premier toolkit for teachers getting started in project-based learning. Published in 2009.
Project Based Learning (PBL) in the Elementary Grades Project- Based Learning (PBL)

This toolkit is intended for elementary teachers who want to know how to implement project-based learning in their classes. It was published by the Buck Institute for Education (BIE.org) in 2011.
Project Based Learning: Explained Project- Based Learning (PBL)

In this video, the Buck Institute for Education (BIE.org) provides a brief, animated explanation of Project Based Learning.
Connect a Million Minds Campaigns STEM

Connect a Million Minds is a Time Warner Cable site, and Campaigns has a variety of videos dealing with STEM.
21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn 21st Century Skills

The T-STEM Blueprint assumes students will be trained in 21st century skills. This book, a compilation of voices, will help provide insight into what exactly 21st century skills are and how to use them. Published in 2010.
Visions of Exploration Resources The Air Force Association and USA TODAY collaborated to bring this program to 4th-12th grade classes. The program provides lessons and classroom resources that "motivate students to explore topics and careers in STEM."
Mind42 map of T-STEM PBL Project- Based Learning (PBL)

21st Century Skills

This mind map was created to provide Educate Texas T-STEM documents and resources to K-12 teachers and administrators.
STEM Magazine STEM This e-zine seeks to provide clarity on incorporating STEM in the classroom.
Texas Girls Collaborative Project STEM The Texas Girls Collaborative Project brings together STEM educators from around the state to provide forums, curriculum, best practices, and resources.
Teaching Channel Videos Educational videos created by teachers, for teachers.
Edutopia's Big List of Classroom Resources Resources Edutopia lists a number of resources that can be used in the classroom.
Edutopia's Weekly Update: Education Webinars, Unconferences, and Conferences Resources A current list of educational webinars, unconferences, and conferences.
House Bill 5: TEA House Bill 5 TEA's House Bill 5 website, including the text of HB 5 and a side-by-side comparison of current graduation requirements with HB 5 graduation requirement.
House Bill 5: ESC 17 House Bill 5 Region 17's Livebinder website with up-to-date information about HB 5.
Why Every Student Needs Critical Friends Critical Friends Amy Reynolds' article gives an explanation of why teachers should help students learn to use the critical friends approach to critiquing their peers' work and how to do it.
A Math Teacher's Journey to PBL Project-Based Learning (PBL) This blog entry explains how a math teacher started using PBL in her classroom. It details both her initial failure and her successes, and it provides good ideas for math projects.
How to Use the "4 C's" Rubrics 21st Century Skills John Larmer, Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education, gives practical advice on using the four C's (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity) in the classroom. In addition, he provides presentation rubrics - one for upper elementary, one for middle, and one for high school.
T-STEM Capstone Project Capstone Projects This site contains the Educate Texas T-STEM Capstone Handbook 2013-2014 along with a brochure and the T-STEM Academies Design Blueprint. In addition, find links about service learning, project ideas, rubric samples; and samples of handbooks plus some video testimonials about capstone projects.
FabFems Women in STEM

A website for women in STEM that connects adult mentors with students. Volunteer to be a mentor, or find a mentor for a female student.
Open Access Maps at NYPL Resources The New York Public Library has an outstanding collection of open access historical maps that may be a great tool for some projects.
U.S.News STEM Education Resources The U.S. News blog contains "news, opinions and thoughts" about STEM education.
Role Models Matter Women in STEM Role Models Matter provides both resources and a great toolkit for people who want to engage girls in STEM.
Advisory Board Handbooks Advisory Boards When you open the Blueprint URL, select 1.2.A-C Leadership and Governance. Under Artifacts, you'll find an "Advisory Board Handbook - Educate Texas 2013" link and an "Advisory Board Handbook - Lyford" link that will provide useful information about forming and running advisory boards.
T-STEM Blueprint Texas STEM Blueprint Educate Texas created the Blueprint, which details what TEA expects of Texas STEM academies. The site contains a rich source of STEM resources and project-based learning ideas.
STEM Education Data and Trends STEM This National Science Foundation site will help you understand how well prepared your state is in science and math education.
My PBL Pet Peeves: 4 Common Misconceptions PBL Andrew Miller explains his four pet peeves about PBL in this Edutopia article published July, 2014. The article also has a number of useful links.
Project Design Rubric PBL This rubric is meant to help teachers determine whether they are working on a simple project or on complex and rigorous PBL. If you have or create an account with the Buck Institute, you can download the rubric as a PDF at this site.
New Tech Network Project Idea Rubric PBL The simple rubric on this page will help teachers determine whether their project idea is unacceptable, acceptable, or exemplary. The template may also be used to identify benchmarks that will make a PBL exemplary or acceptable.
Main Course, Not Dessert: How Are Students Reaching 21st Century Goals? With 21st Century Project Based Learning PBL This article explains the difference between projects and project-based learning (PBL). Buck Institute for Education identifies two purposes of the article: "1) distinguish 'main course' Project Based Learning (PBL) from the short duration and intellectually lightweight activities and projects common to many classrooms; and 2) argue that PBL is an essential tool for preparing students to reach 21st century education goals and succeed in the 21st century." If you have or create a BIE account, you can download the article as a PDF.
Six Characteristics of a Great STEM Lesson PBL This Education Week Teacher article explains the components that make up a great STEM lesson and gives you some website resources that help the author "jumpstart" her thinking.

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