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Activity Guide: Projectile Motion High School Math

The video teaches projectile motion, velocity, acceleration, and two-dimensional motion and uses juggling to explain the concepts.
Science 360 Videos High School

Middle School
Science The Science 360 website has a large collection of videos that can enhance classes in astronomy and space; chemistry; earth and environment; K-12 and education; life sciences; mathematics; medical sciences; people and society; physics; technology and engineering.
Project Based Learning: Explained High School

Middle School
Project Based Learning (PBL) In this video, the Buck Institute for Education (BIE.org) provides a brief, animated explanation of Project Based Learning.
Freedom's Ring: King's "I Have a Dream" Speech High School

Middle School

Social Studies
This project was created by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University in collaboration with Beacon Press's King Legacy Series. This is a great way for students to learn about and visualize the I Have a Dream Speech.
Connect a Million Minds Campaigns  All STEM Connect a Million Minds is a Time Warner Cable, and Campaigns has a variety of videos dealing with STEM.
Khan Academy  All Math Videos tutoring students in math, science, economics and finance, humanities, and computer programming.
MIT BLOSSOMS Video Library  All Math

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides over 50 video lessons for high school students about math and science.
TED ED  All All Educational video lessons.
Teaching Channel  All Teaching Find educational videos here, created by teachers, for teacher.
Seven Skills Students Need for their Future All STEM I enjoyed this video by Dr. Tony Wagner of Harvard's Change Leadership Group. The seven skills: 1) critical skills and problem solving; 2) collaboration across networks and leading by influence; 3) agility and adaptability; 4) initiative and entrepreneurism; 5) effective oral and written communication; 6) accessing and analyzing information; and 7) curiosity and imagination.
How Big Is Space? All Science It's not really a video. It's a website by BBC that's a little interactive. But it really gives you an idea of the size of space. Use the scroll bar on the right side of your screen to move your spaceship.
Jordan Shapiro Explains How Video Games Teach Critical Thinking All Technology

Jordan Shapiro made this presentation at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai in March 2014. He explains how, "video games can move us toward a culture of intrinsic motivation, self-reflection, and mindful interaction with the world."
ScienceTake and CreatureCast All Science The New York Times provides short nature videos about scientific phenomena. Videos in ScienceTake include titles such as "Monkey Manners," "How to Fly Right," and "Elephant Empathy." Under CreatureCast, you can find several more videos, including "A Tale of Two Urchins," "Royalty Sapped from Snails," and "Bunnies, Dragons and the 'Normal' World."
Reactions: Everyday Chemistry All Science Reactions provides videos about chemistry. They have quite a few titles, including "The Science of Caffeine: The World's Most Popular Drug,"
"Zombie Apocalypse Survival Chemistry: Death Cologne," and "The Chemistry of Pepper: The Spice that Changed the World.
Made with Code All Technology
The website has several great videos from girls who actually code. The first video that takes up the whole screen isn't the only one; keep scrolling down and then scroll across to see all the other videos. When I used Firefox to look at the website, the videos wouldn't work, but they worked fine in Chrome and IE.
Minute Physics High School Science This collection of YouTube videos deals with physics principles such as gravity, wave/particle  duality, fusion and quantum tunneling, dark matter, and the uncertainty principle.
PatrickJMT High School Math In these YouTube math videos, Patrick explains and draws daigrams to illustrate limits, derivatives, and integrals/antiderivatives.

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