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Engineering Elephants

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  • This is a children's book introducing young kids to engineering.
  • The book introduces fundamental concepts and vocabulary specific to science and engineering curricula - such has race cars (drag, forces), wind turbines (energy), roller coasters (momentum).
  • The story explains that engineering uses both math and science as tools to make new things and problem solve.
  • The book is an excellent and inexpensive tool that can be integrated into elementary grades and used as a jumping off point for further curriculum development.
  • Engineering Elephants has been used for 3-5 graders in Slaton ISD (summer 2010), Lubbock Cooper ISD (summer 2010), and integrated into 2nd grade classrooms at various private and public schools throughout the West Texas region.
  • The story engages children by asking questions (that they can answer) and uses lyrical, rhyming patterns so they can predict what comes next.
Sponsoring Department

Whitacre College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Michelle Pantoya
Mechanical Engineering
806.742.3563 x227

Project Time Period

Ranging from one week to a theme
for a six week or longer duration

Target Age Group

Grades PreK-5