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LEGO® Robotics Field Trips

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  • A day-long hands-on LEGO® robotics field trip is offered during which students learn to program LEGO® NXT Mindstorms kits to perform specified tasks.
  • During the morning, students build a LEGO® NXT robot and learn basic steps to program it, e.g. motion.
  • After a lunch break (bring your own lunch) students visit robotics labs on campus and then continue their LEGO® robotics program.
  • Students learn how to use a touch sensor in order to navigate their robot through the hallways, build an arm for their robot such that it can lift/drop objects, and learn how to collect data from sensors, e.g. building a door alarm system.
  • The maximum class size is 60 students.
  • Students need to be accompanied by 1 to 2 teachers or chaperons.
  • No prior knowledge of LEGO® robotics is required.
  • Advanced LEGO® robotics field trips can be arranged in order to cover special topics.
  • The field trip is offered at no cost to schools (donations to the Texas Tech Foundation are welcome).
  • Schools are responsible for transportation and lunch.
Sponsoring Department

Whitacre College of Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Tanja Karp
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project Time Period

One Day Field Trip
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
By Appointment Only

Target Age Group

Grades 2-12