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Get Excited About Robotics (GEAR)

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  • GEAR is an annual 6-8 week LEGO® robotics challenge for elementary and middle school students during which student teams build and program LEGO® robots (using the Mindstorms NXT kits) to perform specified tasks.
  • To solve the challenge, students learn engineering skills through a teaming exercise in designing, building, programming, testing, and troubleshooting wheeled LEGO® robots that perform and compete on an eight foot by eight foot field.
  • GEAR itself is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 volunteer organization, which was created to foster interest among today’s youth in a career in engineering, science or technology.
  • GEAR provides the game rules for the annual competition together with instructions on how to build game tables and pieces.
  • Since 2006 a GEAR competition is held at Texas Tech University.
  • Participation is open to all elementary and middle schools.
  • Each school can have several participating teams.
  • School teams visit the TTU campus for kickoff, a trial run, and game day.
  • Game pieces are distributed to schools at no participation fee.
  • A limited number of LEGO® Mindstorms NXT kits are made available to schools.
  • During the 6-8 week competition school teams meet at their school with a teacher coaching the teams.
  • Selection of participants is decided by the school GEAR coach.
Sponsoring Department

Whitacre College of Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Tanja Karp
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
806.742.3533 x251

Project Time Period

Every Spring: February to April

Target Age Group

Grades K-8

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