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2013 Summer Professional Development

Teaching Math and Science with LEGO® Robotics

June 16 – 21 | Texas Tech University, Lubbock

An opportunity for teachers to participate in a project-based learning curriculum centered on one of the Get Excited About Robotics (GEAR) competition challenges. Teachers will begin to build a solid foundation for moving robotics into more mainstreamed science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculums.

The Physics of Sound Using the Engineering Design Process—CANCELLED

June 24 – 27 | Texas Tech University, Lubbock

This rigorous workshop covers the physics of sound propagation and the behavior of sound waves as participants design and create wind chimes. The main emphasis of this workshop is to model teaching and assessment strategies for PBL using physics and math

Computational Thinking and Its Impact on Math and Science Disciplines

July 8 – 9 | Texas Tech University, Lubbock

This workshop provides middle school and high school teachers the opportunity to learn methods to teach computing and computational thinking activities through project-based learned activities. Computational thinking skills can be effectively used in schools to teach math and science by using the key concepts of critical thinking and problem solving.

Grow STEM through Green Engineering

July 15 – 18 | Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Uncover the science behind green engineering. Experimentation using chemistry and biology principles, with an emphasis on sustainability through engineering applications, guide participants to clean polluted water to meet EPA drinking standards.

Mathematics and Project-Based Learning

July 22 – 23 | Science Spectrum, Lubbock

Learn to use project-based learning (PBL) and investigate how to create projects for your mathematics classrooms. PBL encourages students to explore real-world problems and challenges.

Physics of Stable Flight

July 22 – 25 | Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Have fun learning about the forces and underlying physics that determine stability in rockets by seeing their effects on rockets that you will design and build during this workshop.

Squishy Circuits, Toy Engineering, and More!

July 26 | Science Spectrum, Lubbock

Educators will discover how to engage young women (ages 8-13) through research-based, high quality activities and resources through the SciGirls program. Experience hands-on STEM activities such as using dough to teach circuits, designing their own wind measurement machine and creating your own experiment to identify mystery plastics.

From STEM to STE3M: Incorporating Applied Math and Critical Thinking into STEM Learning—CANCELLED

August 1 – 2 | Region 17 Education Service Center, Lubbock

Participants will learn about economics and ethics through the discussion and analysis of contemporary challenges in energy supply/use. This project-based learning (PBL) oriented workshop will emphasize both the STEM and social dimensions of energy.