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About the Austin Congressional Internship


The Texas Tech University state legislative internship was established in 2008. The Texas Legislature meets January through June of every odd-numbered year. Interns wishing to serve in Austin will be selected the fall semester preceding each legislative session.


The legislative internship program is offered during the spring semester of every odd-numbered year. Interns will live and work full-time in Austin for the duration of the legislative session they are selected for, typically six months, from January to June. The internships are unpaid, but scholarships are provided.

Before leaving for Austin, interns attend orientation sessions to help prepare them for the experience and familiarize them with guidelines and responsibilities expected of interns. They will also attend socials to get to know their fellow interns and the President’s Office Staff.

Academic Credit

Each intern must be enrolled in a minimum of six hours at Texas Tech University while interning in Austin. Interns are considered full-time students at Texas Tech University during the internship. These credit hours are earned through the intern’s work at the Capitol, weekly email journals, a paper on his or her internship experience and participation in an intern newsletter.


In previous legislative sessions, The Beaumont Foundation provided a $7,000 scholarship to Texas Tech University students. The scholarships are used to help defray the costs of living associated with the internship.  Interns are responsible for their tuition (students receive an off-campus waiver for most fees), housing, travel to and from Austin, and entertainment.


To participate in the program, it is preferred that undergraduate students have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and have completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours before the semester they wish to participate in the internship. Graduate students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 are also eligible to participate.

No particular major or disciplinary background is required to apply for an internship. Students will acquire skills and experience through the program that will serve them well no matter what career or field of study they choose.

Other Important Qualifications:

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