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TTUISD student, Clayton Tomlinson.

TTUISD student, Clayton Tomlinson.

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) offers flexible educational opportunities to students and families who travel or live abroad. Our online program can travel with you anywhere a high-speed Internet connection is available.

TTUISD Curriculum:

TTUISD offers Texas Education Agency (TEA) accredited courses. We have over 80 Texas-certified teachers on our team and many advisors available to help students navigate through their program of choice.

TTUISD offers a Full-time Diploma Program, which allows students to take all of the state-required courses and assessments to graduate with a Texas high school diploma. We also provide curriculum for full-time middle school and elementary school students.

Our Individual Course Program, or supplemental program, gives students the opportunity to enroll in supplemental courses in addition to their regular high school curriculum, supplement their homeschool curriculum, or to earn course credits by Credit By Exam (CBE) testing. TTUISD offers more than 150 CBE options that can help students graduate early, make up failed credits, or take courses normally not offered at traditional schools.

TTUISD also offers Texas Tech University competitive scholarship opportunities to those students who are currently enrolled in or former graduates of the program. TTUISD students score above the national average on the SAT and ACT college entrance exams.

With TTUISD, students have the flexibility and opportunity to take courses at their own pace to help them achieve the education they desire from anywhere in the world.

Explore all of the educational opportunities TTUISD has to offer by contacting us at ttuisd@ttu.edu. Come grow with TTUISD!


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