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Jim Taliaferro - Superintendent

Jim Taliaferro - Superintendent

Jim Taliaferro

Dr. James "Jim" Taliaferro came to TTU K-12 as superintendent in August of 2012. Prior to this he served as superintendent of schools in Stratford, Texas, for five years and in Slaton, Texas, for seven years. He also served as campus principal at Stratford Texas for 13 years after directing bands in Stratford and Gruver, Texas, as well as Sublette, Kansas.

The opportunity to work with a district that is on the cutting edge of distance and online education was appealing and brought him to TTU K-12. He enjoys serving students who need alternatives to the traditional school setting and helping them achieve their dreams.

Email: Jim Taliaferro

Cary Sallee - Senior Director of Operations

Cary Sallee - Senior Director of Operations

Cary Sallee has worked in the Lubbock area for many years. During college, he worked at Dillard's Department Store as a salesman and was promoted to Buyer Sales Manager after completing his degree at Texas Tech. In 1994, he was hired as a store manager for Barnes and Nobles Booksellers and opened the original Lubbock location. He also worked for AT&T as an Area Manager in the Lubbock Call Center. After spending nine years with AT&T, he moved to TTU K-12 as the Director of Student Services. He was then promoted to Director of Operations.

Cary holds a bachelor's degree in finance and a minor in real estate from Texas Tech University. Being a Tech graduate, Cary always wanted to have the opportunity to work for the university. The Director of Student Services for TTU K-12 was a perfect match with his prior experience in retail and telecommunications. Cary feels that a quality education gives everyone the ability to compete in the global market, and that it is the most important gift TTU K-12 can instill in the world today. He loves that TTU K-12 is educating students worldwide.

Jared Lay - Director of Recruitment and International Partnerships

Jared Lay - Director of Recruitment and International Partnerships

Jared Lay

Jared Lay is the Director of Recruitment and International Partnerships  at TTU K-12. He is originally from Melrose, New Mexico, but received his bachelor's degree in agriculture business/business administration at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. From there he went on to earn my master's degree in agriculture education at Texas Tech University. Jared has held various positions in different departments at Texas Tech, but he is grateful to now be working with TTU K-12 students to assist them with their transition from high school to college. His main goals are to recruit students to pursue higher education at Texas Tech University and create exciting learning experiences through academic camps. He believes learning can be fun and rewarding, and academic camps are a great place for students to come to believe that too. His hope is to help design programs where both international and stateside students can interact and learn from one another.

Email: Jared Lay

  • Diane Patrick - Senior Analyst


  • Jim Taliaferro - Superintendent
  • Pam Butler - Unit Manager | District Testing Coordinator

Stateside High School

  • Cari Moye - Principal | Stateside High School
  • Kelly Radford - Unit Coordinator | Registrar
  • Kara Reynolds - Coordinator | Assistant Registrar

Elementary & Middle School (K‑8)

  • Jeff Oldham - Principal | Elementary & Middle School (K‑8)

International High School

International Collaborations & Recruitment

  • Jared LayDirector of Recruitment and International Partnerships
  • Victoria Qin - Regional/International Student Coordinator | Houston

Student Support - Advisors

  • Cari Moye - Principal | Stateside High School
  • Amber East - Senior Academic Advisor
  • Brenda Shupe - Senior Academic Advisor
  • Lisa Stone - Senior Academic Advisor

Student Support - Communications

  • Cari Moye - Principal | Stateside High School
  • Linda Bravo - Senior Specialist
  • Ida Mata - Senior Business Assistant
  • Jeanette Bownds - Senior Specialist
  • Chrystl Roberts - Senior Specialist
  • Israel Galvan - Senior Specialist

Admissions - Fulfillment

  • Vanessa Bustillos - Senior Specialist
  • Etta Harris - Senior Specialist
  • Alberta Hollins - Senior Specialist
  • Nina Ramos - Senior Specialist


  • Jim Taliaferro - Superintendent
  • Lisa Leach - Director | Curriculum
  • Chyrel Mayfield - Associate Director | Curriculum

Curriculum - Development

  • Bill Bukowski - Senior Editor
  • Michelle Demel - Senior Editor
  • Marian Gossett - Senior Editor
  • Shelley Kemp - Senior Editor

Curriculum - Production

  • Catherine Buscemi - Senior Editor
  • Courtney Line - Senior Editor
  • Alan Michels - Senior Editor
  • Leslie Smith - Senior Editor
  • Terry Knight - Senior Editor 


  • Cary Sallee - Senior Director of Operations
  • James Day - Director | Technology Support | IT Liaison
  • Donnice Fell - Senior Specialist | Administration Assistant Operations

Testing Services

  • Sharon Andrew - Unit Supervisor | Testing Services
  • Betty Sanders - Senior Specialist
  • Jessica Woodard - Senior Specialist

Financial Services

  • James Preiss - Section Manager | Finance
  • Helene Chamberlin - Unit Coordinator

Functional Support

  • Jacob Salazar - Lead Technician
  • Ryan Nunnally - Unit Coordinator

Communications and Marketing


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