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The early years of a child's educational journey are very important. During this time, children discover the joys of learning and experience great emotional and physical development. This time should be fun and full of new and exciting things. With TTU K-12, children will experience a diverse collection of academic resources and tools including literature classics, and hands-on science activities.

Elementary School Overview

  • The elementary curriculum focuses on four disciplines:
    • Language Arts/Reading
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Math
  • Each course consists of two semesters, and each semester course offers 75 days of instruction.
  • Courses may be purchased as a grade-level set or as a combination of grade-level courses to accommodate the needs of multi-level students.
  • Full-time enrollment status is maintained through a student's academic progress in a minimum of four courses.
  • Students interested in the elementary STAAR exams should contact the Elementary Principal or District Testing Coordinator.
  • Most courses require students to purchase textbooks or other required materials at an additional cost.

Example Full-Time Course Plan

Semester One Semester Two
English Language Arts / Reading 1A English Language Arts / Reading 1B
Math 1A Math 1B
Science 1A Science 1B
Social Studies 1A Social Studies 1B

Elementary Credit By Exams (CBE)

  • Students taking CBEs for acceleration will need to take each of the four elementary exams, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, for the respective grade level.
  • Individual CBEs may be taken to recover credit for a specific course.
  • Students should always check with the elementary principal before enrolling in a CBE.

Elementary School Contact Information

For more information about TTU K-12's Elementary program or Texas State Assessments, please contact:


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