Texas Tech University

Enrollment Process

Step 1:

For Individual/Supplemental Courses: Obtain Approval

Students attending a public, private, or charter school should obtain approval from their local school counselor or principal before enrolling in a TTU K-12 course or Credit-by-Exam (CBE). Failure to receive approval could cause enrollment delays and may result in the primary school not granting credit.

For Full-Time Diploma Program: Apply to TTU K-12

  • Complete the pre-admission form. There are no application deadlines; students can apply at any time.
  • Submit an unofficial transcript (if applicable) and the $150 non-refundable admission fee.
    • Please note: Transcripts are assessed individually and are used to determine admission.
    • If a student has been previously enrolled with TTU K-12, the re-admission fee is $75.
  • Once accepted, students must receive approval from a TTU K-12 academic advisor before enrolling in courses.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Enroll in Courses or Credit by Exams (CBEs)

Enroll online or by calling (800) 692-6877 or (806) 742-7200. Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Step 4:

Order Textbooks and Materials Online

Required textbooks and materials for courses are an additional cost. TTU K-12 has partnered with MBS Direct to supply these books and materials. Students must create a separate account with MBS Direct to purchase their books.

  • If students secure books from another source or choose not to purchase books and materials at the time of enrollment, they are responsible for obtaining the correct edition of each book.
  • CBEs do not require the purchase of a textbook. Any state-issued book can be used to prepare for the exam.