Texas Tech University

Glossary of Terms

The TTU K-12 glossary is ever changing. If you have suggestions for future additions, please contact us.

  • Accreditation
    TTU K-12 maintains certain standards in order to qualify as an accredited school. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) accredits TTU K-12, and approved proctors must be certified for administering exams.
  • Bulk CBEs
    Credit by Exams that can be purchased by schools only, at a discounted rate.
  • Counselor Portal
    School counselors can log into the TTU K-12 counselor portal to monitor their students' progress in enrolled courses.
  • Course Portal
    The course portal is a system that works in conjunction with the learning management system. Logging into the course portal allows students to check their grades, request an exam, access special course instructions, and verify their enrollments and expiration dates.
  • Curriculum
    A curriculum is the coursework, assignments, and learning objectives a student is expected to complete.
  • Credit by Exams (CBEs)
    Credit by Exams are used to evaluate a student's mastery of a given subject in order to test out of a subject or make up a failed credit. All CBEs must be taken under the supervision of an approved proctor and students have 60 days from the enrollment date to take the exam. All CBEs are print-based exams. No feedback is provided on these exams.
  • End-of-Course Exam (EOC)
    The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness End-of-Course Exam, or STAAR EOC, is required for graduation by the Texas Legislature. Students, who entered the ninth grade for the first time during the 2011-12 school year, must pass all required EOC exams in order to earn a Texas diploma.
  • Enrollment Form
    The K-12 Enrollment Form, also referred to as a registration form, is used to enroll in (order and purchase) individual courses and/or CBEs. This is not an admission form to become a full-time TTU K-12 student, and a student does not have to be enrolled in TTU K-12 to take individual courses and/or CBEs.
  • Extensions
    An extension is a purchase of extra time to complete a course. Extensions are available for purchase in one-month or six-month time allotments.
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law for parents and students over the age of 18 to have the right to review the student's educational records and control some of the information that can be released. Please visit www.ed.gov and click on FERPA, for more information.
  • Final Exam Retake Form
    The Final Exam Retake Request form is a form used to request retaking a final exam. It needs to be submitted prior to 30 days from the expiration date of a course. Shipment of the final exam on print courses is 3-5 days. A barcode label is available for print courses only.
  • Full-Time Program
    Students in the full-time program use TTU K-12 as their primary school. In the full-time program, students are working towards earning their Texas high school diploma from TTU K-12. Full-time students should be enrolled in four courses at all times and be actively working on them, to retain their full-time status.
  • Homeschool
    Although many TTU K-12 full-time students complete their courses in their homes, they are not classified as homeschool students with the State of Texas. If a student is not enrolled in TTU K-12's full-time program, the parent or guardian provides informal transcripts for the student's grades. These students that are enrolled in the supplemental program do not receive a transcript or diploma from TTU K-12.
  • Learning Management System
    A learning management system (LMS) is a software application used to administer, document and track online education courses. It is also referred to as a lesson program. TTU K-12's LMS or lesson program is called Moodle.
  • Minimum Passing Score
    There are two minimum scores for CBEs. A CBE taken for a subject without prior instruction must have a score of 80 percent or higher in order for the student to receive credit. A student must score 70 percent or higher on a CBE taken for a subject with prior instruction. These grade requirements are set by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Supplemental students should check with their local school/district to determine the minimum passing score to receive credit for a CBE.
  • MBS Direct
    TTU K-12 is partnered with MBS Direct, an online bookstore, to provide textbooks for our students. Purchasing textbooks from MBS Direct is not required, but it is recommended to ensure the correct textbook version is purchased. Course fees do not include textbooks.
  • Online Courses
    Online courses are delivered to students via TTU K-12's LMS. All course content, assignments and feedback is housed within the LMS. Online courses cannot be completed in less than 30 days. Most TTU K-12 courses are online courses.
  • Pre-Admission Form
    The K-12 Pre-admission Form is an application form used to apply for admission into TTU K-12's full-time diploma program. A student must be accepted and contacted by an academic advisor or other administrator before enrolling in courses.
  • Print-Based Courses
    TTU K-12's print courses are presented in a binder or workbook that is mailed to the student. The binders include TTU K-12 curriculum and assignments. Print courses cannot be completed in less than 60 days. Most courses are online courses, but all elementary courses are print‑based.
  • Proctor
    All exams (course final exams and credit by exams) require supervision from an approved proctor in order to maintain the integrity and validity of the exam. Students will designate a proctor when they request the final exam for a course or when they enroll in a Credit by Exam. See TTU K-12 Policies for more information. A certified approved proctor is required for supplemental students.
  • Proctor Change Form
    The Proctor Change Request form is used when a student changes their approved proctor, after designating an original proctor.
  • Progression Courses
    Progression courses is a system where the first two lessons are open. Once the lessons are submitted and graded, access to two more lessons are granted within five business days. This system is used so the student will learn and take advantage of feedback from the course instructor.
  • Special Purpose District
    TTU K-12 is a "Special Purpose District." It is designed to educate students with special situations whose educational needs are not adequately met by traditional school districts/settings.
  • State Board of Education (SBOE)
    The State Board of Education sets policies and standards for Texas public schools, like curriculum standards, and graduation requirements.
  • State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
    The STAAR replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) in 2012. The STAAR program is the state assessment program that includes annual assessments for Texas students. Full-time TTU K-12 students are required to take the appropriate STAAR exams to earn their Texas high school diploma.
  • Student Management System (SMS)
    A student management system is software used to manage student information such as courses and grades. Continuity Spectrum (C2K) is the current SMS used at TTU K-12.
  • Student Classification
    A student can be classified within TTU K-12 as full-time or supplemental.
  • Supplemental Program (Part-time)
    Students in the supplemental program are enrolled as a student in another school or homeschool program while taking individual courses with TTU K-12. Students in the supplemental program do not receive a high school diploma from TTU K-12, but rather use individual courses or Credit by Exams provided by TTU K-12 to earn credits that transfer to their primary school. Students must contact their primary school for approval before enrolling in courses or CBEs.
  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)
    TTU K-12 is accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The TEA, in conjunction with the State Board of Education, monitor and guide all activities related to public education in Texas.
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
    The TEKS are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do upon completion of a course. All TTU K-12 courses follow the TEKS guidelines.
  • Transcript
    A transcript is an official document from TTU K-12 of a student's grades. Full-time students can receive a transcript from TTU K-12 once they have completed four courses.