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TTU K-12 provides an accredited option for homeschool students looking for a full‑time program or individual courses and Credit by Exams to supplement their current curriculum.

Are homeschool students required to enroll with TTU K-12 as full‑time students?

No, homeschool students also have the option to enroll in the TTU K-12 supplemental program. Students and parents can use courses and CBEs offered by TTU K-12 to:

  • supplement to their current curriculum
  • teach more advanced subjects
  • test out of subjects
  • determine if TTU K-12's programs fit their educational needs.

Is TTU K-12's curriculum Christian based?

No, TTU K-12's curriculum is based on the same standards as traditional Texas public schools. However, students have the ability to take courses, such as Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament, that are not typically offered in traditional public schools.

Do the TTU K-12 programs allow students to participate in other time‑consuming or extracurricular activities?

Yes, TTU K-12 offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to participate in a variety of activities outside of their academics. Students can adjust their school schedule to accommodate their various other activities such as: music lessons, dance rehearsals, sports practice, Bible studies, acting lessons, jobs, traveling, etc.

Is TTU K-12 an option for a special needs or academically advanced student?

Due to the flexible nature to TTU K-12's curriculum, the programs offered are educational options for advanced students. Students can work at their own pace and adjust the number of courses taken at one time to fit their needs.

Students can also take CBEs to test out of subjects they excel in so they can focus more on subject areas. TTU K-12 also allows students to advance in certain subjects while continuing a different pace in others (ex: taking sixth grade math and eighth grade ELAR at the same time).

TTU K-12's curriculum is developed to meet the standards of the State of Texas and the Texas Education Agency and thus the course content and the exams cannot be modified. Please note that distance education presents different challenges than those inherent in traditional classroom‑based instruction, and the curriculum is reading and writing intensive. TTU K-12 strives to offer exceptional education programs that meet the needs of students with disabilities for those who meet the following criteria:

  • The student's IEP does not require TTU K-12 to significantly modify its education program AND
  • The student's IEP reflects that TTU K-12 is an appropriate placement and is the student's least restrictive environment

Information regarding available disability accommodations should be obtained before enrolling in a course or CBE. A student requesting accommodations must submit either a current (within the last three years), signed Individual Education Plan from the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee report or a 504 Accommodation Form from the public school district in which the student is currently (or was previously) enrolled, describing any special considerations necessary to take a course and/or exams. This must be done prior to enrollment in a course or CBE.

Accommodations applied to one course do not automatically apply to other courses. Students should be specific as to which courses they are requesting accommodations for.

TTU K-12 is committed to serving all types of students from all over the world. If you have more questions or don't see the option you are looking for, please contact our office. Let us help customize an educational solution that meets your specific needs.


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