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Middle School Curriculum

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As students progress into the next phase of their academic career, our middle school program challenges them to become more disciplined and forms the foundation for high school.

Middle School Overview

  • Full‑time middle school students must take the required courses for each grade level.
  • Academically strong seventh grade students may enroll in Pre‑Algebra in preparation to take Algebra I in eighth grade to receive high school credit.
  • Students may also begin foreign language studies in eighth grade for high school credit.
  • If a student enrolls in or completes a high school course, such as Algebra I, after Jan. 1, 2012, they will be required to take the corresponding End‑of‑Course (EOC) exam for that course.
  • Students interested in the middle school STARR exams should contact the Middle School Principal or District Testing Coordinator.
  • Students have two opportunities to take a Credit by Exam to test out of certain subjects.
  • Full‑time enrollment status is maintained through a student's academic progress in a minimum of four courses.
  • Most courses require students to purchase textbooks or other required materials at an additional cost.

Full‑Time Required Courses by Grade Level

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
English Language Arts / Reading - 2 semesters English Language Arts / Reading - 2 semesters English Language Arts / Reading - 2 semesters
Math - 2 semesters Math - 2 semesters Math - 2 semesters
Science - 2 semesters Science - 2 semesters Science - 2 semesters
Social Studies - 2 semesters Social Studies - 2 semester Social Studies - 2 semesters
Students are required to take Art in Middle School. TTU K-12 offers Art at the sixth, seventh and eighth grade levels.

Middle School Contact Information

For more information regarding TTU K-12's Middle School Program or the related Texas State Assessments, please contact:


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