Texas Tech University

Math Courses for 4th and 5th grade now online.

A wonderful transition for our math students will be coming soon. Starting on Aug. 17, 2017, we will be placing our 4th and 5th grade math courses online instead of print. This will not affect students currently in the Math 4A and 5A print courses. Those students will move over to the aligned print course in the 4B and 5B sections.

We are making this change for several reasons that we believe will be beneficial to our students:

  1. The new courses are aligned to the new math curriculum standards set by the Texas Education Agency.
  2. We believe that these courses will allow our students to better transition into our Middle School online structure.
  3. These courses will allow more real-time communication and feedback from the instructors.
  4. These courses come with an eTextBook that allows for more interaction inside the math curriculum.

This change in course format will also bring about a change in the student's final assessments. In the new math 4 and 5 courses, students will have an exam at the end of each semester course. These semester exams will need to be proctored. In the other Elementary courses (print-based), the only exam that still needs to be verified with a proctor is the Unit 6 exam at the end of the B semester (no change from current practice).

We are very excited about this new format! Please contact ttuisd@ttu.edu if you have any questions or concerns.