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Proctor Information

Proctor Information

Exams (course final exams and Credit by Exams) require supervision from an approved proctor in order to maintain the integrity and validity of the exam. Students will designate a proctor when they request the final exam for a course or when they enroll in a CBE.

Guidelines for identifying an approved proctor

  • For students enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited public/private/charter school other than TTU K-12 (Supplemental students): the school counselor, principal, or superintendent must proctor the exams. If approved by the local school, students can take exams at a community college or university testing center.
  • For students enrolled in TTU K-12's full-time program (Texas Tech Elementary, Middle or High School) as a full-time student: refer to the student handbook for approved proctor guidelines or contact your advisor. Possible proctors include the following:
    • Public or accredited private school administrators, counselors, or teachers
    • College, university, or private testing centers
    • Public librarian; or
    • Certified retired teacher, counselor, or administrator (a copy of the person's professional
      certificate will be required).
  • For students who are homeschooled and not enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited public/private/charter school or TTU K-12's full-time program: a college or private testing center must proctor the exams.
  • For international students contact TTU K-12 for testing/proctor options.

Finding a Proctor

  • A proctor from a non-accredited school cannot be used.
  • A proctor who is related to the student taking the exam or who has been the tutor of the student taking the exam cannot be used.
  • Please notify the proctor in advance.
    • Failure to obtain the proctor's approval could delay taking the exam.
    • Proctors may charge a fee for proctoring an exam; students should verify fees and payment policy before scheduling an exam.
    • When requesting a final exam or enrolling in a CBE, students will need to provide the following proctor information to TTU K-12:
      • Name and title
      • Institution
      • Mailing address
      • Phone number
      • Email address

Proctor Change

If a student requests a proctor who cannot proctor an exam, there will be a $25 proctor exchange fee for TTU K-12 to process and send the exam to a new proctor.

Becoming a Proctor

Please contact TTU K-12 for questions regarding becoming an approved proctor.