Texas Tech University

School & Counselor Solutions

School Solutions

Credit Recovery

TTU K-12 offers over 150 online and print‑based, self‑paced courses and over 150 CBEs. Students who have failed a class can enroll in an online or print‑based course or CBE to recover the credit.

Year‑Round Options

Supplement your curriculum at any time. Due to the asynchronous nature of our curriculum, students can enroll in courses and CBEs throughout the school year and during the summer. There are no enrollment deadlines. We offer various self‑paced courses and Credit by Exams (CBEs) to help your students:

  • Graduate early or on time
  • Make up failed credits (credit recovery)
  • Earn credit during the summer
  • Take a course not offered at your school
  • Test out of a subject

Dropout Prevention

Our full‑time high school diploma program is a turnkey solution schools and districts can recommend to at‑risk students.

Students who struggle in a traditional school setting can transfer to TTU K-12 and take online or print‑based courses at their own pace. Because TTU K-12 is an accredited school, students who transfer into TTU K-12 will not count as dropouts for schools or districts.